SSI automates Orca cold-chain Philippines warehouse

  • August 10, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

North Carolina-based SSI Schaefer, a provider of modular warehousing and logistics, helped Orca build the Philippines’ first automated cold-chain facility.
In the heart of metro Manila’s industrial zone, the Orca Taguig facility increases the country’s logistics capacity and preparedness for unforeseen events.
The facility provides temperature-controlled logistics, warehousing, and pre- and post-storage value added services to help food businesses and the agriculture industry prolong and maintain the freshness of their produce. Powered by an automated storage retrieval system, the development has around 20,000 pallet positions of frozen storage in roughly a hectare footprint. This is made possible by the rack-clad technology of SSI Schaefer.
With automation, Orca Taguig can move up to 4800 pallets in one day. The SSI Schaefer scope of supply comprises the fully automated high bay warehouse with earthquake and typhoon resistant rack-clad technology, conveyor technology, pick-to-tote workstations, and the Wamas logistics software.
Orca has three facilities in Metro Manila in Alabang, Taguig and Caloocan, which is being built. All three are strategically located in Manila near ports and industrial zones. The Caloocan facility will also be fully automated and is being jointly built with SSI Schaefer.
Orca handles frozen and chilled food products. Clients range from the Philippines’ biggest fast food chains to exporters and importers, and small food entrepreneurs.
The Wamas warehouse management system provides real-time tracking of goods. Aside from giving the clients of Orca peace of mind, it allows them to track and move goods according to a first expiry, first out system. Furthermore, having accurate records ensures that all goods are accounted for, deterring pilferage, another challenge present in the country.
The technology let Orca reassure its clients with higher efficiency standards, accurate reporting and quality customer service.
“Orca is the first and only company in the Philippines to invest this heavily on what we call food infrastructure,” said Agnes Degala, vice president at Orca. “With SSI Schaefer, we were able to make this grand vision a reality. As a sales head, we saw how customers gravitated to our brand because of the promise of automation. We also experienced first hand how the market perceives the value that innovation can bring. Orca is indeed the only one of its kind in our country and together, we hope to create more of these world-class solutions for our nation.”
SSI Schaefer designs and makes intra-logistics storage and picking products for all types of industries as well as plastic containers, pallets, and waste and recycling carts.