Sensitech monitors temperature in sealed packages

  • February 7, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Massachusetts-based Sensitech has introduced a monitor that lets delivery drivers monitor temperature without opening cargo packages.

The TempTale Ultra BLE is a validated Bluetooth temperature monitor capable of reading data without opening cargo packages, providing delivery drivers and receivers proof of condition at destinations.

This datalogger includes a mobile app for touchless monitor control, clear evidence of alarms and seamless synchronisation to the system of record, speeding product release for receivers and quality managers.

With thin dimensions, it is suitable for smaller packages such as clinical trial kits and direct-to-patient, pharmacy and hospital shipments. Seamless, one-tap data synchronisation to the system of record means couriers and receivers will avoid managing multiple cloud logins. Secure reports can be shared from the app.

“With the launch of TempTale Ultra BLE, we have retained our rigorous commitment to quality, while adding Bluetooth functionality as a time saver for shippers, couriers and receivers,” said Henry Ames, general manager of life sciences at Sensitech. “The TempTale mobile app is an intuitive conduit for life sciences’ stakeholders to easily and quickly demonstrate proof of product condition at delivery, assuring patient safety and meeting regulatory compliance.”

The monitor provides a -30 to +70˚C temperature range with six programmable alarms. Each monitor is calibrated to three-point National Institute of Standards & Technology traceable standards with an on-board certificate to meet data accuracy and regulatory requirements.

The product includes Sensitech’s audit-ready 21 CFR part 11- and annex 11-compliant ColdStream Select cloud software. To support all supply chain partners regardless of smartphone ownership, it includes an LCD with familiar TempTale icons for immediate alarm status and a secondary USB for validated data retrieval.

“The ability to read through packaging when demonstrating proof of product condition at delivery dramatically reduces time, and it improves operating procedures while retaining packaging integrity at shipment waypoints,” said Ames. “Not having to log in to multiple systems makes it easy to manage receipt of deliveries and return data to originating pharma companies, saving time, eliminating human error and streamlining product disposition.”

Sensitech is a specialist in supply chain visibility. Its monitoring products and services help maintain the quality, integrity and security of products at every step in their journey, all around the world.