Seeed launches LoRaWan tracker on Kickstarter

  • September 5, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Chinese IoT hardware provider Seeed Studio has launched a card-size LoRaWan tracker on Kickstarter.

The SenseCap T1000 is designed to meet tracking demands in various industries. It provides seamless indoor and outdoor tracking worldwide, and is available for pre-order exclusively on Kickstarter with a 33% off discount at $28.

The LoRaWan tracker uses GNSS, wifi and Bluetooth for global location tracking. It has self-geo-adaptive capabilities, local data storage and a battery life of months. Additionally, it is equipped with temperature, light and motion sensors, making it suitable for location and status monitoring applications.

“We are excited to release our SenseCap T1000 for those who want seamless indoor and outdoor tracking that enables asset visibility anywhere in the world,” said Joey Jiang, vice president of Seeed Studio.” Cellulars like 2G, 3G, 4G have been mainstream connectivity for asset tracking worldwide. However, in regions where cellulars are not available, LoRaWan has proven excellent for its long-range transmission and low power consumption. Our goal is to transform the way business track their assets and personnel by leveraging LoRaWan.”

The tracker uses three positioning technologies for seamless positioning: a combination of GPS for outdoors and wifi and Bluetooth LE for indoors. The tracker can switch between BLE, wifi, GPS and their combinations depending on the infrastructure and scenarios.

The global LoRaWan provides long-range, low-power wireless communication in more than 160 countries. SenseCap T1000 uses this network to transmit data at low cost. The rechargeable battery can last up to six months with a single charge. For areas without LoRaWan coverage, Seeed Studio has a gateway bundle on Kickstarter to build a LoRaWan quickly.

LoRaWan devices must adhere to country-specific frequency plans to comply with regulations, optimise radio spectrum usage and reduce signal interference. The tracker has an auto-geo-adaptive feature that automatically switches between different LoRaWan plans based on the device’s location coordinates. This improves tracking performance across the globe.

Apart from geolocation tracking, the card-side unit also has temperature, light and accelerometer sensors for environmental monitoring. Additionally, an SOS button and buzzer facilitate quick emergency response during tracking management.

The tracker can store more than 500 records locally when it is out of LoRaWan range, allowing for over 40 days of data storage with a sampling interval of once per hour. It can upload the data when LoRaWan connectivity resumes.

Compatible with the SenseCap Mate app and web portal, the tracker supports a four-step easy configuration to get location and sensor data. It also offers an open API for system integrators to manage data and devices and build applications for different scenarios.

The hardware can be customised, adapted and integrated with popular IoT platforms and real-time tracking systems to meet requirements, making it suitable for system integrators and developers looking to create tracking applications.

Founded in 2009, Seeed Studio ( is an IoT provider dedicated to empowering developers and businesses with technology and products. With a focus on IoT, Seeed offers hardware and software, including sensors, development boards and IoT platforms.

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