Pedigree SmartSites help mixed fleets manage assets

  • November 15, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

North Dakota-based Pedigree Technologies is making it easier for companies with mixed fleet operations to manage their assets on work sites and in yards by creating SmartSites.

A SmartSite integrates affordable and easy to implement technologies and sensors to create a virtual network of a company’s assets. The data and insights collected from the virtual network enable complete visibility into a work site or yard, helping companies make better-informed decisions about their operations.

A SmartSite is an outdoor yard or job site that combines traditional location technologies with Bluetooth sensors so managers can find and monitor anything from expensive assets and equipment to low-end attachments and tools. It is essentially a virtual network that receives location data, communicated via Bluetooth, cellular or satellite, from sensors, trackers and other smart devices.

It starts with off-the-shelf vehicle, trailer and asset trackers that not only report their own location but also listen for signals coming from Bluetooth sensors. Trucks with electronic logging devices (ELDs) or personnel with smartphones can pick up these Bluetooth signals, too. For full site coverage, battery-powered solar gateways or enhanced-antenna gateways can be affixed to poles, roofs or gates.

“It’s simple and affordable to add Bluetooth sensors to equipment that would normally be too costly to track via GPS,” said John Elsner, CEO of Pedigree Technologies. “Existing asset and vehicle trackers can detect Bluetooth signals to tell you where equipment is picked up or dropped. But if you want full yard or site coverage, just hang solar units or install a high-range gateway. It’s like an instant network.”

The concept of a smart site using interconnected technologies is not new, but implementation is complex and expensive. Pedigree’s SmartSite, on the other hand, reduces installation time from weeks to hours and at a fraction of the price. Data from all tracking devices and Bluetooth sensors seamlessly flow to the OneView platform, enabling users to access intricate details of their assets and equipment in real time. This information can simplify inventory management, optimise asset use and improve security.

SmartSites simplifies asset and equipment management by making it affordable and easy to implement, allowing more companies to access crucial operational data and insights that can increase their operational efficiency, enhance security and reduce costs.

Pedigree Technologies ( is a Midwest telematics company helping users manage vehicles, equipment and workers from anywhere. Its OneView software supports cameras, ELDs and data analytics to help businesses optimise their operations and make better, informed decisions.