Panasonic integrates computer with ProGlove wearable

  • September 28, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Panasonic has integrated its Toughbook rugged portable computer with a smart glove scanner from German ergonomic wearable technology firm ProGlove for supply chain applications.

Toughbook and ProGlove combine seamlessly as a stand-alone scanner or as part of the Japanese company’s voice picking options for the supply chain, warehouse operations, inventory checking and retail.

ProGlove Mark is a smart glove scanner for industry that prioritises human-centred design. The lightweight, rugged wireless barcode scanner can reduce scanning time by half and reduce errors by a third. Typically replacing wired or wireless handheld and ring scanners, it lets operators remain hands free and with full dexterity to manage other tasks.

The application is suited to static, semi-static and dynamic workstations in production and logistics including assembly, material handling, quality control, inbound-outbound, picking and material transport.

“In the challenging supply chain environment, where every second counts, ProGlove is an ideal partner to work with Panasonic Toughbook,” said Jon Tucker, general manager for Panasonic in Europe. “Together we can provide solutions that shave seconds off of every scanning task, delivering a rapid return on investment.”

ProGlove Mark 2 fits seamlessly into Panasonic’s flexible voice picker that combines the use of a Bluetooth headset with its Toughbook N1 handheld device or A3 tablet. Also available are a holster or shoulder strap and the Toughbook Omnia custom voice application.

Manuel Bönisch, vice president at ProGlove, added: “In Panasonic, we have found an ideal partner that shares our vision to deliver rugged, innovative and user friendly solutions to industry to help them deliver a more efficient and effortless working environment.”

Panasonic operates 582 subsidiaries and 87 associated companies worldwide, recording consolidated net sales of €62.5bn for the year ended March 2019. Panasonic Mobile is a business unit headquartered in Wiesbaden, Germany.

More than 500 organisations in manufacturing, production, logistics and retail use products from ProGlove. The firm was founded in 2014 after winning the Intel Make it Wearable Challenge in Silicon Valley and is backed by investors Summit Partners, DICP and Bayern Capital.