Overhaul launches IoT Supply Chain service

  • December 5, 2023
  • William Payne

Supply chain IoT specialist Overhaul has launched an IoT deployment service for supply chains. The company’s IoT Assess and Deploy service covers a range of supply chain and logistics embedded and IoT technologies including many new systems currently not available on the open market.

IoT Assess and Deploy optimises operations, protects shipments, and ensures stringent quality and compliance controls. The service, a pillar of Overhaul’s real-time visibility and risk management platform, brings in data from devices based on specific use cases across tried and tested range of products.

“Our enhanced IoT Assess and Deploy is a pivotal aspect of our ‘Different on Purpose’ positioning,” said Nicholas Heikkinen, VP of IoT at Overhaul. “It represents a strategic solution for companies leveraging our expertise, technologies, and global reach. The service can unlock tremendous IoT success and maximise data potential, offering tailored consulting, seamless device management, and strategic telematics integrations, all supported by our expert consultancy service.”

The new IoT Assess and Deploy service has already yielded results in diverse operational environments. For a Fortune 50 company, the refined solution achieved an average device performance of 99.9%. In the pharmaceutical sector, a Fortune 500 company experienced an 18% increase in device tracking compliance within a quarter, showcasing the system’s efficacy in stringent regulatory environments. These enhancements have resulted in a significant 34% annual reduction in the number of devices lost or not returned, demonstrating the service’s effectiveness and contributing to more sustainable practices within the global enterprise.

The service has also been instrumental in reducing lost device fees across all lanes by 17%, translating into considerable cost savings. Highlighting its financial impact, a global consumer electronics company reported a savings of $300,000 in costs associated with lost device fees, underscoring the tangible benefits of Overhaul’s refined IoT Assess and Deploy offering in operational and financial terms.

“In our pursuit of ‘impartiality’ and ‘independence’ as cornerstones of our service, the offering is meticulously designed to offer unbiased, client-specific solutions,” said Karin Stevens, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Overhaul. “These enhancements align perfectly with each client’s unique supply chain requirements, further cementing our role as a crucial partner in their operational success.”