Oracle uses AI to boost supply chain offering

  • April 24, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Oracle is introducing artificial intelligence (AI) and automation capabilities to help organisations optimise supply chain management.

Oracle is introducing the capabilities across its Fusion Cloud applications suite to help users accelerate supply chain planning, increase operational efficiency and improve financial accuracy.

The updates include planning, usage-based pricing and rebate management capabilities within the Fusion Cloud SCM supply chain and manufacturing offering and enhanced quote-to-cash processes in Fusion applications.

Many organisations struggle with disconnected systems that require complex and costly integrations, which slow down business processes and impact financial accuracy and profitability. To address these problems and improve the speed and accuracy of insights, organisations can use an integrated platform that enables AI and automation to be embedded in supply chain processes.

“The last few years have highlighted the value of supply chain insights, efficiency and accuracy, and the consequences of moving too slow when a disruption occurs,” said Jon Chorley, senior vice president at Oracle. “With Oracle’s complete suite of integrated applications, organisations can manage supply chain data on the same platform as finance, HR and customer experience to accelerate processes like quote-to-cash and remove barriers that have traditionally existed between different business functions. This holistic approach creates an environment where AI and automation can flourish to help businesses drive efficiencies and achieve more with less.”

AI-powered lead time estimates in Oracle Supply Chain Planning help users improve the accuracy of lead time assumptions by using machine learning to highlight variances based on actual performance. Embedded in Supply Chain Planning’s planning advisor, the feature can improve planning efficiency and results by identifying lead time trends and anomalies, and their potential impact with prioritised actions and resolution suggestions.

An enhanced quote-to-cash process in Fusion applications helps users centralise subscription orchestration and usage ratings, comply with accounting requirements, improve order management, reduce costs and time to market, and provide a seamless customer experience. The integration connecting Subscription Management (CX), Configure Price & Quote (CX), Order Management (SCM) and Financials (ERP) lets users quote, capture and fulfil orders of mixed physical goods, subscriptions and services more efficiently and recognise revenue accordingly.

Rebate management capabilities help users streamline rebate programmes, improve audit claim accuracy, and gain better visibility into programme performance. Part of Oracle Channel Revenue Management, the capabilities automate the rebate management process from rebate calculation through to financial settlement to help improve payment accuracy, reduce administration costs and enable customer claims to be quickly settled.

Part of the Fusion applications suite, Cloud SCM helps organisations seamlessly connect supply chain processes and quickly respond to changing demand, supply and market conditions. With applications for finance, supply chain, HR and customer experience, the suite of enterprise applications on a single self-updating integrated cloud platform gives users access to continuous innovation, as features are added every 90 days, without downtime or business disruption.