Optym software lets carriers manage FTLs

  • June 30, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson
The affordable Axele platform brings the best of predictive analytics for small to medium sized FTL carriers.

Florida optimisation intelligence company Optym has launched transportation management software for small and midsized carriers in the full truckload (FTL) industry.
Axele’s predictive analytics automates many of a trucking firm’s core functions including load planning, matching drivers to loads and customer communications to increase revenues and profitability. The software includes a mobile app for drivers that improves communications between headquarters, drivers and customers.
Optym, which has developed optimisation products for some of the largest and most respected airlines and trucking companies, says it has used its experience and proprietary algorithms to bring technology, innovation and optimisation to the FTL industry through Axele.
“In the trucking business, it’s really easy to lose money if you don’t have the right TMS to manage your business,” said John Ganiev, owner of Dream Transportation in Allentown, Pennsylvania. “I can open up Axele and figure out exactly what is going on in my business by just looking at the dashboard. Axele allows load creation with just two clicks. We also find it very useful regarding compliance. We can make accurate decisions satisfying FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) rules and driver’s preferences.”
Axele was designed for small and midsized trucking firms using five to fifty lorries; it installs in a single day and can be used by dispatchers and drivers. A 30-day free trial lets a carrier test drive features normally reserved for premium services. After 30 days, users can continue to use the free, standard version or opt for the professional version, which provides access to the full set of features and functionalities.
“Small and mid-sized firms don’t have the staff or the budget for costly TMSs that are also difficult to install and maintain,” said Vic Keller, CEO of Optym. “But they have a real need for intelligent solutions that will help them operate more efficiently and make better, more profitable decisions that are based on data. We took the best of what Optym does for airlines and large trucking companies and created software that is effective, affordable and almost effortless to implement.”
Axele allows dispatchers at smaller FTL carriers to be more efficient and profitable because they can automatically search loadboards, such as DAT and TruckStop, to find the most profitable loads that make sense for their company, shippers and drivers. Carriers can also easily connect to electronic logging devices (ELDs), market rates, maps and their internal accounting systems, among other databases. Axele provides a one-stop shop.
It can improve driver retention and job satisfaction by finding optimal loads for drivers based on their locations, preferences, deadhead travel and hours of service.
“Keeping drivers happy and ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction are very important to carriers,” said Keller. “Axele allows carriers to improve both, giving all the parties involved – dispatchers, drivers and customers – better communications and greater visibility into the processes and the ability to trace their loads.”
Carriers can communicate seamlessly to drivers via the mobile app on assigned loads, and invoicing and driver settlements. Axele also provides carriers with the ability to communicate with their customers in real time about a load’s location and estimated time of arrival, as well as by sharing when and where a lorry will be available.
All this information is displayed in a live dispatch board, which allows carriers to track and manage all their assets – drivers, tractors, trailers and loads – in real time. The portal also allows for the monitoring of drivers’ schedules and notifies planners and dispatchers of driver availability and location.