nuVizz Platform 2.0 for complex supply chains

  • September 9, 2021
  • William Payne

Last mile delivery platform nuVizz has launched ‘Platform 2.0’ to provide real-time delivery and transportation intelligence. Platform 2.0 incorporates machine learning and AI to provide advanced routing and scheduling of complex delivery tasks.

The new platform’s capabilities include active learning algorithms, distributed quality data modules that can fix data issues at source, and workflow automation that covers the whole transport and delivery lifecycle.

“Platform 2.0 leverages AI and machine learning to create an active learning and self-correcting ecosystem that delivers predictive estimated time of arrival (ETA), dynamic routing and scheduling, and advanced data-driven workflow,” said Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz. “These build on the platform’s foundation, which increases operating efficiencies through business process automation.”

The new platform is designed for shippers, 3PLs and transportation companies. Benefits include bringing all stakeholders of the delivery ecosystem on a single networked platform with 100% real-time visibility. Dynamic and real-time optimisation capabilities improve asset utilisation by more than 30-40%, according to nuVizz. The platform’s self-serve appointment scheduling and customer communication modules can reduce manual labour by more than 40%, and as an automated delivery process, it eliminates paper and provides cost savings which can be significant. nuVizz also claims that the platform’s billing and settlement module reduces the billing cycle by more than 50%, while its customer engagement capabilities improve customer satisfaction scores by more than 15 points.

“Ten years ago, nuVizz set out to create a technology platform that helped move goods, services, and people more efficiently, and it has been gratifying to see that vision come to fruition,” said Guru. “This has only been possible because of the dedication of our associates and trust our customers and partners placed in us over the years. We pride ourselves in being innovative and nimble, and look forward to what the next 10 years will bring.”