Manhattan integrates TeamViewer in warehouse platform

  • May 6, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Manhattan Associates plans to integrate TeamViewer’s vision-picking technology with its flagship, cloud-based MAWM active warehouse management platform.

TeamViewer is said to bring numerous benefits to the warehouse operations of Manhattan Associates’ customers, including higher accuracy, ease of implementation, and enhanced efficiency through hands-free picking with real-time visual cues and verification.

“TeamViewer is the undisputed leader for vision picking in warehouse logistics, and we share a common goal: taking logistics to the next level with modernised user experiences and smart technology,” said Matt Dermody, director of engineering at Manhattan Associates. “In addition to the well-known efficiency gains, the configurability and scalability of vision picking is of particular interest to us and our global enterprise customers.”

Alfredo Patron, executive vice president at TeamViewer, added: “We are excited to enter a partnership with Manhattan Associates, an innovation leader in the logistics sector. By combining TeamViewer and Manhattan, clients can rely on trusted and powerful tools to digitalise warehouse logistics and address important industry challenges such as skilled labour shortages, pressure on global supply chains and high customer churn rates. This collaboration represents a significant advancement in the digitalisation and optimisation of warehouse processes.”

Manhattan Associates enterprise mobility sales team can now offer TeamViewer’s vision picking to new and existing MAWM customers. This should enable opportunities to improve customer experience and operational efficiency in warehouses worldwide.

Vision picking ( – or pick-by-vision – is a concept that enables the digital transformation of logistics processes and warehousing with augmented reality. Warehouse operators receive visual information about order or inventory data on the wearable device of their choice. With integrated voice or scan controls, the operation becomes hands-free, enabling operators to work faster with fewer errors.

Warehouse processes that can be digitalised and modernised with vision picking include manual order picking, packing and sorting, sequencing and kitting, inventory control, replenishment and put-away.

TeamViewer ( is a technology company that provides a connectivity platform to access, control, manage, monitor and repair devices of any kind remotely, from laptops and mobile phones to industrial machines and robots. Although TeamViewer is free of charge for private use, it has more than 630,000 subscribers and enables companies of all sizes and from all industries to digitalise their business-critical processes through connectivity. Since the company’s foundation in 2005, TeamViewer’s software has been installed on more than 2.5 billion devices around the world. The company is headquartered in Goppingen, Germany, and employs more than 1400 people globally.

Manhattan Associates ( is a publicly traded company that has remained debt-free since its founding in 1990 and has over 4000 associates worldwide. It is based in Atlanta, Georgia.