Magna implements Made4Net to manage tyre warehouse

  • October 18, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Dutch tyre maker Magna Tyres has implemented a warehouse management system (WMS) from New Jersey-based Made4net at its warehouse in the Netherlands to gain real-time control and visibility of inventory throughout its international distribution.

Magna Tyres distributes tyres in 130 countries and chose the Made4net offering to gain efficiencies, accuracies and visibility throughout its extended supply chain.

As Magna Tyres grew globally, the company faced challenges with inventory management. With global stock, inventory management is complex, and the company needed tighter control of bonded, non-bonded stock, assembly and serial number registration. Magna Tyres worked with Made4Logistics, a Dutch-based implementation partner of Made4net, to deploy the Warehouse Expert WMS.

As a growing company, Magna Tyres wanted supply chain technology with a flexible platform that would scale and adapt as their business grew. The Made4net product is an all-in-one supply chain suite built on a configurable and scalable platform so companies can easily update it to match pace with supply chain changes.

“Made4net is quite popular with mid-sized, growing companies like Magna Tyres who need a supply chain solution that is quick to implement, user friendly, scalable and configurable to meet future needs,” said Jean David Benkimoun, Made4net general manager for Emea.

Michael Luijten, fulfilment manager for Magna Tyres, added: “As our business continued to grow, we needed a supply chain solution that was powerful enough to meet our complex international distribution needs, plus flexible enough to meet our changing business requirements. Made4net WMS has helped take our supply chain to the next level.”

With customers in 30 countries and products in more than 20 languages, Made4net is a global provider of supply chain technology that helps organisations of all sizes improve the speed and efficiency of their supply chain. Its end-to-end SC Expert platform is adaptable, configurable and scalable to provide increased speed-to-pivot for changing supply chain needs.