Loxo autonomous vehicle for last-kilometre deliveries

  • December 12, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Technology start-up Loxo has unveiled an autonomous vehicle for last-kilometre delivery.

Developed and produced in Switzerland, it will be on public roads for the first time in spring 2023. This will be the first commercial application of an autonomous last-kilometre delivery vehicle in Switzerland.

Loxo is focusing on exporting the technology to Germany and the UK, where it wants it to become the standard for home deliveries.

The rapid growth of ecommerce and the need to receive goods quickly creates numerous difficulties. With regard to home deliveries, these are above all high costs, a lack of drivers and a poor environmental balance.

Swiss start-up Loxo promises to solve these problems with its autonomous vehicle for last-kilometre delivery.

“Thanks to electric propulsion, optimal charging capacity and the autonomous, unmanned driving mode, Loxo increases the efficiency and flexibility of home deliveries,” said Amin Amini, CEO of Loxo. “In addition, the carbon footprint is reduced through the principle of shared mobility.”

Lara Amini-Rentsch, Loxo business lead, specified the economic advantages: “Loxo enables scalable, time-independent and high-margin deliveries. Buyers can decide for themselves when they want to receive their order while paying less. Retailers, in turn, can increase their margins. Accordingly, we are convinced that Loxo will revolutionise ecommerce and become the standard for last-mile delivery.”

Loxo is an autonomous vehicle coupled with services, called autonomous-delivery-as-a-service (ADaaS). On the one hand, it can be used for deliveries from the supplier to the end consumer or business customer, on the other, it is suitable for hub-to-hub transports. The overall product consists of three components: the vehicle including maintenance and servicing; a software service package; and the customer success package, which includes the development of a customer-specific use cases.

“Loxo’s USPs include its optimised cargo volume for the European market and its full integration into the customer’s IT,” said Claudio Panizza, Loxo CTO. “It is also the world’s first vehicle without rotating sensors. Instead, the Loxo vehicle is equipped with a unique combination of radar, lidar, sonar, camera and powerful algorithm. As a result, it detects people and objects in a 360-degree field of view and guarantees maximum safety.”

Any sign of danger immediately initiates an emergency stop. In addition, Loxo’s speed fits in well with city traffic and every journey is monitored by trained personnel. If necessary, they can intervene at any time.

In spring 2023, the pre-sale will start, followed by the first autonomous deliveries on public ground.

Loxo was founded in 2021 by Amin Amini, Lara Amini-Rentsch and Claudio Panizza in the canton of Bern. Together with its partners, the Rosas Center, the Fribourg University of Applied Sciences, and Swiss Moves, Loxo has developed an intelligent autonomous delivery vehicle that solves the problems of last-kilometre delivery on both the supplier and customer side. Loxo Alpha was presented to the public this month and will be on Swiss roads for the first time in spring 2023.