Körber extends capabilities to automate warehouses

  • March 22, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

German supply chain technology firm Körber is launching software and capabilities spanning warehouse management, warehouse control, robotics, voice and simulation to digitise and automate warehouses.

“Supply chain has moved from a back-office function to a boardroom imperative,” said Richard Stewart, executive vice president of Körber in North America. “The pandemic, labour shortages, cost increases, fuel prices, material shortages and beyond, these challenges are real and here to stay. Unlike anyone else, Körber brings to market an unmatched depth of digital technologies that conquer these complexities.”

In a rapidly growing industry, businesses need a full portfolio provider with a wide range of technologies to tackle supply chain complexity. Focused on rising consumer expectations, labour problems and a growing emphasis on sustainability, Körber plans the current advances for 2022:

  • The cloud: As part of the Körber One platform strategy, Körber will continue bringing its products to the cloud to increase efficiency, reliability, resilience, green practices and cyber security. This includes the K.Motion warehouse management system (WMS), K.Sight Class for warehouse modelling and simulation, and Körber’s series of add-ons spanning visibility to data analytics – the K.Motion Essentials.
  • Unified control system (UCS): Already boasting globally successful voice technology and a network of AMR partnerships worldwide, Körber will solidify its voice and robotics practice with a unified control system. The UCS will integrate and control different working models – fixed automation, voice systems, and third-party AMR systems – under one tool. Availability is expected the second half of 2022.
  • K.Sight Class for operations: Advances connect data on daily operations from the WMS for real-time planning and design. The result is immediate visibility into operational health and stronger strategic planning. This includes effectively handling disruptions, ecommerce growth and heightening consumer expectations.

During last week’s online Elevate Americas conference, users spanning all industries, sizes and needs presented on how they are changing supply chains with Körber. Examples included:

  • SanMar discussed its journey modernising operations with Körber’s WMS and voice products for a more sustainable supply chain.
  • Lineage Logistics elaborated on how Körber’s WMS enabled it to achieve efficient and sustainable operations, all while optimising its warehouse layout.
  • Big Rock Sports, joined by Körber’s partner EnVista, shared best practices and experiences implementing Körber’s WMS.
  • ISN displayed how it improved working conditions and bolstered productivity with robotics from Körber and Locus Robotics.
  • Biagi Bros showcased how it improved agility and resilience while driving innovation with the Oracle Cloud and Körber’s WMS.
  • Kenco Group described its AMR deployment for ecommerce fulfilment, focused on productivity and labour dependency.
  • Nassau Provisions, using Körber’s WMS and voice technology, shared how it scaled food distribution operations in light of rapid growth.
  • Ariat spoke of its combination of Körber’s WMS and AMRs from Geek+ to improve customer and employee experiences and enable workforce flexibility.
  • Bimbo Bakery overviewed how it was changing retail execution with a smarter and more efficient frontline through direct-store delivery with K.Motion OmniTech.

“Digitisation is a strategic priority for more than 80% of supply chain executives,” said Sean Elliott, chief technology officer at Körber. “Yet, many businesses struggle to digitise at the pace they need. From handling the rapid expansion of ecommerce to the increasing interconnectivity of the global economy, major technology advances are pivotal. Körber will enhance its already unrivalled portfolio of software to empower businesses to drive even more value for their customers and consumers around the globe.”