Kinaxis Acquires MPO to connect SCP and Orders

  • September 7, 2022
  • William Payne

Canadian supply chain management company Kinaxis has acquired European order execution SaaS platform MPO. The acquisition will integrate supply chain planning with real-time multi-party orchestrated order, inventory and transport.

In a statement, Kinaxis said that the combination of Kinaxis Rapid Response planning and MPO’s Multi Party Orchestration execution will provide a complete real-time picture of every order across its lifecycle.

This will allow planners and logistics teams to integrate insights derived from sharing a single platform. Planners will be able to react to disruptions in transportation and dynamically respond, and logistics teams will be able to assess the strategic impacts of their execution activities.

“Today’s more complex supply chain networks and higher customer expectations have shown the importance of outside-in thinking and improving the control of material in motion to accelerate and improve decision making. This acquisition will activate supply chain concurrency from planning through last-mile execution,” said John Sicard, Kinaxis CEO. “We welcome the MPO team and their customers to the Kinaxis community. Uniting these two innovative platforms delivers end-to-end supply chain concurrency, visibility and knowledge across customers, suppliers, and the entire multi-enterprise business network.”

“MPO is to supply chain execution what Kinaxis is to supply chain planning – revolutionising the space by concurrently combining control and visibility of supply chain execution steps across business networks, into a unified cloud platform with one codebase, single user-interface and real-time optimisation in a way no other vendor in the market does,” said Martin Verwijmeren CEO, who co-founded MPO with Paul van Dongen, CTO.