Jaguar uses Everstream AI to monitor supply chain

  • July 10, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

British car maker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is using artificial intelligence (AI) from California-based Everstream Analytics to improve supply chain management.

The supply chain mapping and risk analytics company is helping JLR monitor its supply chain in real time to help avert future global supply issues, protecting the production of its current models and future all-electric vehicles.

The technology analyses data using a combination of AI, predictive analytics, machine learning and human intuition to plot emerging incidents such as natural disasters, strikes, data breaches and export issues on a global map, alerting JLR to any potential impact on its supply chain.

This capability, which updates in real time, takes measures to avoid any industrial disruption that could impact production and increase costs.

The global pandemic and semiconductor crisis caused huge disruption to the automotive supply chain. Through the work of its teams dedicated to securing supply, JLR is now emerging from this period of disruption enabling growth in production and wholesale volumes.

JLR is introducing the technology as part of a wider strategy to build a digitally enabled supply ecosystem delivering end-to-end visibility and security. Using Everstream’s insights, JLR has already taken action to avoid disruption at global freight ports to support delivery of vehicles to clients.

“As part of our reimagine strategy, we are building a robust digital-first industrial operations ecosystem consisting of advanced technology and long-term strategic relationships that gives us end-to-end visibility of global shocks in an increasingly unpredictable world,” said Barbara Bergmeier, executive director for industrial operations at JLR. “Through our collaboration with Everstream Analytics, we are harnessing the power of AI to proactively manage risks before they cause disruption to production, ensuring we are resilient and can deliver on the commitments we make to our clients. This foresight will become even more critical as we develop a new value chain around our next generation ultra-desirable modern luxury electric vehicles.”

Julie Gerdeman, CEO at Everstream Analytics, added: “The global value chains serving electrified vehicles are among the most complex to navigate. Everstream Analytics’ AI-driven supplier visibility and insights empower JLR to proactively mitigate risks, enhance agility and promote supply chain resilience. We are proud to partner with this visionary leader on their journey to drive positive, sustainable change in the automotive industry.”

Everstream’s multi-tier supply chain mapping is driven by AI, machine learning and human analysis. Its tailored approach, unique to JLR, will let the car maker’s team focus on value creation as opposed to manually sourcing, analysing and validating emerging risks.