Interos manages supply chain risk for US Navy

  • May 8, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

The US Navy has selected Virginia-based Interos to handle its enterprise-wide supply chain risk management capability.

Interos’ supply chain resilience technology should help secure the defence industrial base and bolster global competitiveness.

Interos created an AI-powered supply chain resilience platform. The contract with the US Navy should drive its supply chain digital transformation and resilience across its global warfighting infrastructure.

The award enables the first ever US Navy-wide supply chain risk management (SCRM) capability for its more than 30 support organisations and field activities around the world, providing tools, intelligence and counsel to ensure network cohesion and resilience. Interos will be embedded within the navy’s programme executive office integrated warfare systems (PEO IWS) organisation, a move that marks a milestone for DoD resilience, global competitiveness and national security.

PEO IWS is establishing an enterprise SCRM to develop, deliver and sustain operationally dominant combat systems to the navy and its maritime allies.

“Our enterprise approach enables a whole-of-government information sharing strategy to standardising and scaling next generation SCRM capabilities essential to defence procurement and force readiness,” said Robert Stukes, PEO IWS chief logistician. “Working with Interos’ SCRM visibility and resilience technology is accelerating our transition from analysing lagging to leading risk indicators to protect the weapons systems supply chain from concentration risk, foreign intrusions, restricted entities and other national security concerns.”

The agreement provides a pre-emptive response to assess, identify and mitigate multifactor supply chain risks using Interos’ relationship discovery and scoring methodology. It supports the government-wide mandate to shore up the nation’s defence industrial base, which has been brought to the forefront due to crises such as the Russia-Ukraine war.

“In the new normal of increased geopolitical complexity, higher regulatory standards and constant disruption, there is no defensible position for the supply chain status quo,” said Jennifer Bisceglie, CEO of Interos. “As a trusted and long-standing provider to government agencies, we are proud to provide the intelligence and technology foundation for the navy’s enterprise-wide approach to help government supply chains adapt to these realities and mitigate the risk of threat actors in the weapons supply chain.”

The enterprise approach will integrate monitoring, alerting and other risk reduction capabilities across numerous government sourcing programmes. At a time of heightened national security concerns, it also strengthens the DoD’s operational performance and deterrent capabilities.

“Interos’ innovative digital supply chain management technologies will support navy operations and ensure that our forces are getting high-quality shipments on time,” said US congressman Don Beyer. “This is an important moment for strengthening the navy’s supply chain resiliency and enabling the navy to be intentional about where it sources its needs, along every step of its supply chain. “

Interos is an operational resilience company creating transparent supply chains. Its scoring and relationship discovery technologies help users automate risk assessment, detection and response. It protects organisations from regulatory violations, unethical labour, cyber attacks, bankruptcy, catastrophe and other supplier vulnerabilities. Interos serves commercial, government and public sector users around the world.