GXO adds Blue Yonder supply-chain software

  • October 16, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Connecticut-based logistics firm GXO has added Blue Yonder end-to-end supply-chain software to its shared warehousing network in the USA.

GXO Logistics is a pure-play contract logistics provider. It is teaming up with Arizona-based Blue Yonder to deploy end-to-end supply chain software to power its shared warehousing offering.

“By leveraging Blue Yonder, we’ll enable customers to add features and customised capabilities on an open WMS platform,” said Eduardo Pelleissone, president for GXO in the Americas and Asia Pacific. “Customers will now have agile and cost-effective order management with real-time visibility of inventory and orders across all sites. Customers will also have access to value-added services, such as kitting and assembly, to optimise their time and cost to serve. This strengthens our position as a shared warehousing leader as we expand GXO Direct globally.”

GXO Direct is a flexible way to provide expertise, technology, capacity and resources on demand. In North America, GXO Direct operates a network of 14 hubs comprising more than a hundred sites across the USA and Canada, increasing operational efficiency for all warehousing services, including returns management, while positioning goods closer to the end consumer and enabling one-day delivery nationwide.

The software from Blue Yonder should enable faster customer onboarding, start-ups and tech integration as well as use real-time data to enhance inventory management.

“We’re excited to work with Blue Yonder to enhance our warehouse capabilities and deliver even faster speed-to-market for our customers across the GXO Direct network in the USA,” said Steve Lewis, US division president for GXO Direct. “Today, businesses require more flexibility than ever. To meet their needs, we are deploying Blue Yonder’s SaaS-based supply chain execution. We’re seamlessly onboarding new customers twice as fast and giving them greater insight into operations, better forecasting with real-time data and updates on order fulfilment.”

GXO is implementing several pieces of Blue Yonder software to support its GXO Direct network, including WMS, labour management, order management, warehouse execution system, robotics hub, warehouse tasking and billing management.

“We’re excited to work with GXO since they are known for helping businesses around the world realise the cost-saving benefits of flexible and automated warehouses,” said Mark Nordick, senior vice president at Blue Yonder. “With Blue Yonder technology, GXO will be able to onboard new customers in a matter of weeks and help them grow quickly.”

Since its introduction in the USA in 2018, GXO Direct has grown exponentially. It helps customers boost scalability and flexibility, provides a consistent and reliable fulfilment experience, increases end-to-end visibility through technology, and turns reverse logistics from a cost centre into a profit centre. Warehouses are located near major metropolitan markets, which increases operational efficiency and enables one-day delivery for brands while reducing transportation costs and cutting carbon emissions from shipping. In March, GXO launched GXO Direct in the UK, with plans to expand across Europe.

It will continue to engage Blue Yonder on value-added customisations, enabling GXO to serve the needs of its customers better.

GXO Logistics (gxo.com) has more than 130,000 employees across more than 970 facilities totalling approximately 18.5 million square metres.

Blue Yonder (blueyonder.com) specialises in digital supply chain transformations and omnichannel commerce fulfilment. Its end-to-end, cognitive business platform enables retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to fulfil customer demand from planning through delivery.