Globalstar lets Mopeka monitor tanks anywhere

Texas-based sonar tank monitoring specialist Mopeka has integrated Globalstar’s satellite connectivity to extend the capability of its existing options, which include Bluetooth, wifi and global 4G LTE networks.

This expansion empowers Mopeka’s clientele with a cost-effective and reliable means of connecting to their sensors, regardless of their location anywhere in the world.

The rapid proliferation of sonar tank monitoring, thanks to Mopeka’s patented technology, has transformed the industry. This surge in popularity is largely attributed to the heightened accuracy, ease of installation and seamless communication provided by Mopeka. Whether it involves monitoring propane, heating oil, water, anhydrous or other liquid commodities, sonar tank monitoring optimises the management of existing volumes and streamlines supply-chain operations.

However, the challenge of overcoming the tyranny of distance from conventional cell towers has, at times, hindered certain deployments from effectively communicating. With the introduction of satellite connectivity, this is now a thing of the past.

Globalstar owns and operates a low Earth orbit (LEO) satellite network that provides reliable, ubiquitous connectivity for data transmission and asset tracking at an affordable cost. Suitable for low bandwidth IoT use cases, Globalstar allows companies such as Mopeka to extend the connectivity of their monitoring, servicing clients beyond the reach of terrestrial networks.

“Our clients expect the ability to connect to their sensors from anywhere to everywhere,” said Kevin Jaffe, COO of Mopeka. “It’s crucial. They have data and telemetry needs that are only going to increase. At Mopeka, we understand and offer that connectivity, now more than ever, through our engagement with Globalstar. Satellite connectivity is a differentiator. It gives our clients, no matter how remote, the ability to monitor and measure tank volume and utilisation at a reasonable cost.”

Jake Rembert, vice president of sales for Globalstar, added: “Globalstar satellite technology combined with Mopeka ensures reliable, global connectivity for their customers. We are pleased to help expand their capability for monitoring.”

The integration of Globalstar’s satellite technology with Mopeka’s sonar tank monitoring is said to mark a step forward in enhancing the accessibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness of tank monitoring worldwide.

Mopeka ( has a portfolio of sonar-, mobile- and cloud-based services to help all liquid-based firms including propane, butane, water, anhydrous and other liquid commodities better manage existing volumes and streamline supply chain management.

Globalstar ( helps its customers connect, transmit and communicate in smarter ways with reliable satellite and terrestrial connectivity services. The company’s LEO satellite constellation assures secure data transmission for connecting and protecting assets, transmitting critical operational data, and saving lives from any location for consumers, businesses and government agencies across the globe.