GeoTraq unveils miniature tracking device

  • August 7, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Nevada-based GeoTraq has unveiled a miniature tracking device for applications that demand discreetness and seamless integration.

The GeoTraq Micro-Tracker modem’s size allows for inconspicuous placement, making it suitable for tracking assets, vehicles, personal belongings and even pets without drawing attention.

Using cellular technology, it ensures worldwide connectivity, enabling real-time tracking and monitoring in any corner of the globe.

An optimised power management system extends battery life and it caters to a wide range of tracking needs, including logistics, supply chain management, asset tracking and personal safety, enabling businesses and individuals to monitor and protect their valuable assets.

“We are thrilled to introduce our revolutionary miniature tracking device to the market,” said Tim Matula, CEO of GeoTraq. “By shrinking the size without compromising on performance, we have unlocked a whole new level of convenience and versatility for tracking applications. This breakthrough device will redefine how businesses and individuals track and protect their assets.”

The location tracking technology leverages the IoT and cellular networks to provide real-time, precise and reliable location data for a diverse range of assets, from vehicles and equipment to merchandise and more. By offering seamless global connectivity, it is said to eliminate the limitations that have hampered traditional tracking.

Businesses can access up-to-date location information instantly, enabling informed decision-making and timely responses. Many traditional tracking methods have delayed reporting, impeding proactive asset management.

“Our location tracking technology represents a significant leap forward in asset tracking capabilities,” said Matula. “GeoTraq is committed to surpassing the limitations of traditional tracking methods. By empowering organisations to monitor their assets with precision and ease, we enable them to optimise operations, streamline processes and enhance customer experiences.”

GeoTraq is a mobile IoT module manufacturer and connectivity provider. It is a subsidiary of Spyr Technologies.