Geek+ unveils tallest mobile robot at Modex

  • March 25, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

Chinese mobile robotics company Geek+ brought what it claims is the industry’s tallest mobile order fulfilment robot to the USA at this month’s Modex conference in Atlanta.

Geek+ has deployed more than 75 projects in North America, the company’s fastest-growing region. Last year, it empowered customers with mobile order fulfilment robots at more than 38 project sites across 20 states and one Canadian territory.

Geek+ celebrated the milestone with the US debut of its tote-to-person offering, the industry’s tallest mobile order fulfilment robot, at the Modex supply chain conference.

In tote-to-person (, two robots work together: one goes high to store totes, one quickly delivers totes to picking stations. With that combination, it can increase vertical warehouse storage without sacrificing fulfilment speed.

Nearly 15 Geek+ partners were showcasing the company’s modular offerings during Modex. Geek+ executive vice president Rick DeFiesta explored flexible automation and Randy Randolph, vice president of channel partners, joined a panel on mobile robot technology.

Geek+ empowers warehouse operators with a suite of scalable goods-to-person mobile robots. Its shelf-to-person, tote-to-person and pallet-to-person machines can be integrated into a single software dashboard.

“There is a vast opportunity in North America for our suite of goods-to-person order fulfilment, and we’re seeing increased interest both from new customers in various industries and from companies repurchasing our products for use in additional facilities,” said Lit Fung, head of international business at Geek+. “But while there has been high adoption in some sectors, much of the market is still largely underdeveloped.”

Shelf-to-person robots remove the need for infrastructure investment. With the tote-to-person system, warehouses with 12m-high ceilings can use every bit of vertical storage space. Pallet-to-person robots empower partners with high-density pallet storage and all the advantages of mobile robots for ground-level picking.

Geek+ ( says it has the largest portfolio of mobile robotics for order fulfilment in the industry.