Freightcom partners Bolt to scale SME logistics

  • September 9, 2021
  • William Payne

Bolt Logistics and Freightcom are partnering to scale out tech-led logistics for small and medium logistics firms across Canada.

Bolt is a technology-enabled logistics and last-mile delivery provider. Its collaborator Freightcom is a logistics and ecommerce technology provider offering multimode shipping solutions.

Freightcom will provide Bolt customers with a competitive edge through integration into an advanced shipping platform that operates across in Canada. Bolt provides Freightcom customers that are growing out of self-fulfilment with access to warehousing and logistic solutions supporting their pathway to continued growth. Together, they will give small-to-medium-sized businesses the ability to automate their end-to-end logistics workflow, allowing them to focus on other critical business objectives.

The collaboration will reduce domestic and international shipping costs through software that searches out the lowest shipping rates. It will provide end-to-end fulfilment and inventory management, integrate custom storage and shipping solutions.

“As the economy begins to recover from the effects of the pandemic, we are seeing many small to medium-sized businesses struggle to balance volume and capacity,” said Mark Ang, CEO, Bolt. “Mom-and-pop shops are not only the backbone of the Canadian economy but also the heart of local communities. We are proud to partner with Freightcom to provide best-in-class fulfilment quality and process-driven returns management to those who need it most.”

“Logistics can be complicated during the best of times, and we are thrilled to team up with Bolt to provide industry-leading solutions that make this process more efficient and effective from coast to coast,” said Turab Kermally, president, Freightcom. “We look forward to continuing our support of small-to-medium-sized businesses by providing leading edge shipping solutions for ecommerce platforms and marketplaces.”