Eko offers free logistics app during Covid-19 crisis

  • April 21, 2020
  • imc

Thailand-based Eko is offering free software to transport and logistics firms to help cope with outbreak of Covid-19. The employee platform will help frontline drivers stay in touch and keep all staff informed and productive during the crisis.

As cases of Covid-19 continue to soar, the pressure on logistics and transport businesses providing vital frontline delivery and collection services, along with the guidance surrounding social distancing, shows no signs of letting up. As a result, more of these organisations are relying on technology to keep their key workers, drivers and home-based office staff informed, as well as to continue to communicate and collaborate.

Ensuring continuity with health and safety procedures and updated policies during what is proving to be a volatile time is a challenge for the transportation sector. To support these workforces, employee software firm Eko is offering its platform for free, to help enhance productivity and community across various logistics businesses during the peak of the outbreak.

“It’s always been part of our core mission to provide the right working tools to make the workplace engaging and efficient for employees working remotely or in multiple locations,” said Korawad Chearavanont, CEO at Eko. “Logistics businesses are under immense pressure right now with many frontline delivery drivers on the roads, keeping essential services running, so anything we can do to help those workforces to stay connected and to feel safe and informed within their communities is hugely important.”

The real-time Eko app will keep all transport staff connected and engaged during pressurised situations and access to the platform will be offered to all logistics operators free of charge, without obligation. The virtual workspace is accessible on both mobile and desktop, keeping all staff connected whenever and wherever, using an intuitive and familiar tool that helps recreate the inclusive community atmosphere of a physical presence even while workers are out on the road and physically separated for extended periods of time.

The platform includes features such as Broadcast, which will help logistics businesses maintain a clear and transparent line of communications to all staff with team-wide announcements, including advice from managers to help reduce anxiety or prevent misinformation. Also included is Banner, which will highlight new, key virus information to home-based staff and drivers on the move, as soon as they open the app.

The Chat feature will help staff stay connected in real time, ensuring teams remain in the loop throughout the period. The Cards feature lets teams work on projects and documents together in real time with checklists and attachments. Finally, the platform includes a library to centralise health and safety guidelines and information on self-quarantine, health insurance, travel policies and so on. All this is easy to access and update.

Eko’s standard monthly subscription plan in the UK starts at £2.50 per user and will only apply after the current emergency situation stabilises.

Founded in Thailand in 2012, with offices in London, Eko provides a virtual workspace helping teams stay engaged and connected while working remotely. The all-in-one platform equips people with the tools they need to ensure seamless business continuity while replicating the inclusive, community atmosphere of the physical office.

Eko is backed by VC firms including Gobi Partners, 500 Startups, RedBeat Ventures, Siemer Ventures and Tigerlabs Ventures. The company has raised £23.2m in funding and this continues to grow.