Eka IoT and AI manages raw material supply chains

  • November 11, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Connecticut-based Eka Software has announced supply chain technology across logistics, stockyard and warehouse management that helps agriculture, metals and mining businesses build resilience and stay agile with real-time visibility.

The cloud platform for commodity management can digitalise supply chains for commodity and raw material businesses. Purpose-built for direct materials businesses, the integration is for upstream supply chain businesses across asset classes. It can automate logistics, improve use of assets and provide real-time visibility into material movement, inventory and quality.

The technology leverages IoT, AI, machine learning and 3D modelling to deliver an integrated view across the commodities lifecycle. These precision modelling tools can provide deeper visibility into what’s happening on the ground. The granular view of equipment and goods allows businesses to adjust operations dynamically, manage quality more flexibly, and simulate task planning to facilitate faster decision making.

Bill Thompson from Emerald Grain said: “With Eka’s CSM grain stock management system, we were able to efficiently manage our grain harvest, paying 98% of farmers within 24 hours of delivery. We also have end-to-end visibility of our supply chain operations. Eka’s systems enable us to pivot our operations to take advantage of harvest changes; this is a real competitive edge.”

With an understanding of the raw materials supply chain, Eka delivers products that help commodities markets improve operations, manage quality and deploy technologies to manage goods with more insight and intelligence.

“Eka’s rich experience in commodity management lends itself to our supply chains that incorporate the delicate nuances of handling, storing, trading and transporting different commodities and raw materials,” said Manav Garg, CEO and founder of Eka Software. “Our goal is to provide tangible business value from our customers’ digital accelerations and to ensure we continue to offer best-in-class, integrated supply chains to our customers.”

Eka Software provides cloud driven services for trading and risk, supply chain management and financial services driven by cloud, blockchain, machine learning and analytics. The company’s products serve the entire trading value chain across agriculture, energy, metals, mining and manufacturing markets.