DropLoads app puts consumers in control of shipping

  • February 16, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

US intercity shipping company DropLoads has introduced a mobile app that gives consumers control of their packages’ shipping and receiving.

Featuring geolocation for each package in its care, DropLoads shippers manage everything from small envelopes to oversized pieces of furniture, providing a seamless user experience and same-day, contactless pick-up and delivery.

Shipping carriers nationwide continue to slip behind on delivery times as they are inundated with packages, leading to consistent frustration on the receiver’s end.

Part of the Simmons Group, DropLoads is a premium service application that provides safe and efficient same-day shipping and receiving for its consumers and partners.

Consumers can use the app for contactless pick-up and drop off across the north-eastern seaboard of the USA. DropLoads is continuing its expansion into the southern and western regions.

A customer places their shipping order on the app, and a DropLoader will immediately dispatch to the pick-up location. Once the parcel has been received and sealed, live tracking is in effect. At this point, the customer can trace the DropLoader and their package via the app until safe arrival at the final destination.

A Simmons Group spokesperson said: “As we embrace the new definition of normal, we’re disrupting industries via advanced technology, implementing innovative ways to do business during difficult times.

The DropLoads app is available for iOS and Android users. It administers a smooth user experience for its consumers, partners and DropLoaders. Consumers and partners can have their packages picked up and delivered the same day, with real-time geolocation

DropLoads says it stimulates the economy by providing much-needed employment to local drivers and delivery professionals. As an intercity servicer for local communities, DropLoads employs drivers, messengers and professional delivery persons from these communities. A DropLoader can earn a consistent income and achieve financial independence with just their vehicle, even in an unstable economy.