DHL Express Taiwan automates logistics tracking

  • March 15, 2023
  • William Payne

DHL Express Taiwan has started a series of digitalisation project with EMILY.RPA to automate logistics status tracking. By implementing a robotic process automation system, DHL aims to automate logistics status tracking and improve operational efficiency.

Using process automation robots, DHL can now automatically track the delivery status and location of each package and engineer processes that integrate human with automated systems.

Edgar Chiu, co-founder and managing partner of SparkLabs Taiwan, said, “EMILY.RPA’s strength is that its process automation robot can handle complex processes and is easy to train, making the company a promising new star among our accelerator programme members. In addition, this partnership with DHL showcases Taiwan startups’ abilities to solve real corporate pain points and are trustworthy.”

DHL is using EMILY.RPA to automate tracking of the arrival time and date of each package at checkpoints around the world. RPA is customising reports of collected data on a daily basis to meet customer changing needs. The system is also automatically sending them to customers. After the delivery report automation, DHL Express Taiwan has designed other automation task with EMILY.RPA, such as clearance procedures, data sorting comparison and system operation, and more workflows are beginning to be automated by robots.

“By working with EMILY.PRA, we gradually find the idea solution to streamline the process and optimise the operational efficiency on manpower, moving toward the success of digital transformation.” said Jeff SY Lin, First Choice Manager of DHL Express Taiwan.