Cyberint module tackles supply chain security

  • April 24, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Israeli firm Cyberint has launched a supply chain intelligence module to help enterprises tackle the growing cyber risks associated with third-party technologies and vendors.

The capability provides visibility into the cyber-security risks derived from an organisation’s supply chain. Cyberint executes continuous discovery, monitoring and alerting of vendors’ and technologies’ risk and exposure, allowing businesses to make informed decisions and reduce their overall cyber risk quickly and easily.

In today’s increasingly digitised business environment, third-party technologies and services have become ubiquitous. However, these relationships also introduce significant cyber risks to organisations, with bad actors increasingly targeting third-party suppliers to launch supply chain attacks. According to the Verizon DBIR 2022, the digital supply chain was responsible for 62% of system intrusion incidents, highlighting the importance of supply chain risk management.

Cyberint’s supply chain intelligence addresses problems by providing organisations with a method that goes beyond periodic risk assessments.

The module offers three key functionalities: discovery, risk assessment and alerting. Discovery automatically identifies technologies, vendors, suppliers, partners and other third parties with a digital connection to the customer. Supplier risk is assigned based on a predictive model that incorporates multiple elements, such as vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, breaches, data leaks, malware infections, phishing attempts and exposed corporate credentials, to assess the likelihood of future incidents. Lastly, proactive alerting sends targeted, real-time impactful notifications on the elevated risks identified.

The combination of attack surface discovery and monitoring, along with proprietary deep and dark web threat intelligence, provides a window into criminal desire and opportunity to breach organisations.

“In today’s complex supply chain environment, SaaS products, third-party technologies and organisations are a must to improve efficiency and protect profits,” said Yochai Corem, CEO of Cyberint. “However, while third-party offerings can result in tremendous benefits, they also create vulnerabilities that could lead to breaches that cripple organisations and expose private data. Our supply chain intelligence module allows businesses to reap the benefits of third-party solutions while clearly understanding and mitigating the risks that naturally come with them, which constitutes a major leap forward that will benefit companies and their customers.”

He said Cyberint’s “unparalleled visibility” into the dark web, its attack surface discovery capabilities, and its overall holistic approach as a unified native platform put the company in a unique position to address the problem of supply chain risk effectively.

“This new module reflects our continued commitment to providing impactful intelligence to our customers,” he said.

Cyberint fuses real-time threat intelligence with bespoke attack surface management, providing organisations with integrated visibility into their external risk exposure. Leveraging autonomous discovery of all external-facing assets, coupled with open, deep and dark web intelligence, it helps cyber-security teams uncover relevant known and unknown digital risks earlier.