CXT gets Wise to AI delivery software

  • June 28, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

US logistics software companies Wise Systems and CXT Software have combined their technologies to create AI-driven software for last-kilometre deliveries.

The partnership and licence agreement allows the use of Wise Systems’ AI-driven routing and dispatching platform by CXT in its courier technology. CXT is licensing Wise Systems’ machine-learning software.

“The last year has only accelerated the logistics and transportation industry’s shift from static to more dynamic delivery in last-mile operations,” said Chazz Sims, CEO of Massachusetts-based Wise Systems. “We are proud to partner with CXT Software to bring the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to further enhance operational efficiency and customer service during such a critical inflection point in this growing and innovative market.”

Every day, as new orders stream into the business, last-kilometre courier operations analyse and dispatch those orders to drivers, but this manual order assignment process is laborious and inefficient. The software technology from Wise Systems and CXT can solve this problem.

In real time, the joint offering will automatically recommend optimal drivers to assign based on the fleet’s capacity and constraints. In addition to on-demand dispatch, Wise Systems and CXT will deliver a suite of last-kilometre delivery software to help drivers and dispatchers manage distribution operations.

“With Wise Systems, the leader in AI technology for last-mile delivery operations, we are bringing to market arguably the most powerful and only AI-driven route optimisation for the industry,” said Shaun Richardson, CEO of Arizona-based CXT Software. “This partnership enables CXT Software to deliver to our customers dynamic solutions with unmatched performance that rapidly adapt to demand volatility, increase fleet RoI and improve customer experience.”

With this partnership, Wise Systems continues to deepen its expansion in dynamic delivery industries, which include parcel and courier, which were some of its fastest growing segments in 2020, a year that saw rapid growth and increased demand for the company’s autonomous dispatch and routing technology across a number of markets.

Wise Systems’ real-time, fully automated platform is powering delivery and service operations for a variety of users ranging from global distributors and multi-billion-dollar enterprises, including Anheuser-Busch and Lyft, to food, beverage, parcel and courier, field service, and other industries.

Wise Systems is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and CXT Software in Phoenix, Arizona.