Compass points way to supply chain resiliency

  • August 7, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Brazilian digital services company Compass UOL is bringing together physical and digital products, stress-tested supply chain resiliency, smart warehousing, and the IoT to create one view across physical and digital assets.

The aim is to use technology to help companies manage their supply chains. This should provide efficiency, transparency and cost-effectiveness in their supply chain and logistics operations.

With a focus on developing supply chain options and accelerators, Compass wants to help its customers navigate the complexity of the need for intelligent and automated data-driven supply chain simulation, connecting horizontal and vertical value networks.

It should improve visibility and insight with the use of intelligent control towers, track-and-trace capability for transportation visibility, and sustainability.

“Our goal is to create a competitive advantage for every company that runs or participates in a supply chain,” said Compass UOL CEO Alexis Rockenbach. “Addressing supply chains in the current environment where everyone is seeking the highest possible efficiency is of critical importance for our clients.”

Compass will deliver its customer centric supply chain offering by leveraging and expanding its existing 16 innovation studios and 20 growth pod capabilities, powered by its AI-driven accelerators which allow companies to optimise and accelerate their digital transformation.

Global operations executive Kimberley Hagerty has joined Compass UOL to lead the supply chain vertical. She brings with her more than 30 years of experience in digital business transformation strategies for manufacturing, supply chain, transportation and logistics, including most recently the last three years at AWS, where she was head of the Americas for supply chain, transportation and logistics.

“Technology has never advanced as fast as it is advancing today, and the ability to develop digital strategies and business models across the line of business is the only way to harness the true potential of that technology,” she said. “I cannot wait to start showing customers what amazing things we can do together.”