CalAmp integrates IoT into wooden pallets

  • December 3, 2019
  • imc

Californian technology company CalAmp is working with Pallet Alliance to provide an IoT-enabled wooden pallet system to improve supply chain and logistics visibility.
The partnership should allow multi-site manufacturing companies to leverage IntelliPallet, an IoT-enabled platform and supply chain managed service integrated with wooden pallets.
Using CalAmp iOn Tags, gateways and CTC telematics cloud, multinational enterprises managing hundreds of thousands of pallets will be able to integrate this subscriber-based telematics to enable more sustainable, secure and efficient tracking of shipments and assets.
By integrating the iOn Tags with wooden pallets, enterprises can access location and environmental data on assets in transit all over the world from the point of pack to the final destination via a telematics gateway and the CTC. North Carolina-based Pallet Alliance and CalAmp say they are increasing global supply chain visibility, eliminating tracking blind spots and reducing the potential for theft while also reducing spoilage as products travel across sea, land and air.
“Not only will our iOn Tags and gateways help corporations monitor shipment departures and arrivals, but access to our CTC information dashboard will also provide environmental conditions and data analyses to ensure optimal shipment control,” said Jeff Newman, vice president at CalAmp. “In today’s connected economy, there is no reason for a company not to have point-to-point traceability about the location and conditions of their valuable assets throughout the shipment process, from the first mile to the last. Smart pallets enable more efficient business operations that help maintain product quality and maximise revenue potential.”
The IntelliPallet system uses CalAmp telematics technology and AT&T mobile connectivity enabling Pallet Alliance to provide a range of pallet tracking options that deliver in-transit data for point-to-point traceability and monitoring for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, retail distribution points and shipping routes. Developed through laboratory and field testing as well as proven through more than a year of real-world use, the patent-pending integration is virtually undetectable when installed.
Pallet Alliance’s success integrating CalAmp’s telematics technology with wooden pallets eliminates the need to convert to alternate materials. Wooden pallets are more economical and sustainable than engineered alternatives, and can be easily configured for specific requirements. With the service, monitoring compliance, handling and environmental changes can be more effectively managed by making more informed decisions based on real-time supply chain insights.
“The ability to integrate end-to-end IoT connectivity with customers’ existing pallet systems will transform the logistics industry,” said Mike Jones, a principal at Pallet Alliance. “Customers can implement location and data services without abandoning their wooden pallet systems, avoiding the added expense and limitations resulting from converting to plastic or composite pallets, not to mention the other required infrastructure investments.”