Bulkmatic picks Lytx to detect risks

  • July 14, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Indiana transportation company Bulkmatic has switched to Lytx video telematics because of its machine vision and artificial intelligence (MV+AI) risk detection and cloud-connected continual recording.
The system from the California company also provides on-demand video retrieval, flexible programmes and high-touch customer service.
The MV+AI-powered products automatically detect distracted driving such as mobile phone use, smoking, eating, drinking and whether or not the driver is wearing a seatbelt. The risk-capture technology creates an in-cab experience for drivers, providing them with opportunities for self-improvement.
Bulkmatic, which provides a network of dry bulk transportation services across the USA and Mexico, is replacing its existing video telematics with Lytx DriveCam SF300 event recorders and driver safety programme across its 531-vehicle fleet.
“Lytx’s technology proactively captures cell phone and seatbelt use, offers continual video recording and provides clear, helpful in-cab audio alerts that are well-received by our drivers,” said Terry McAdams, director of safety at Bulkmatic. “The company showed a high level of commitment to our business with outstanding training and support throughout a long trial period.”
Bulkmatic decided to equip all the company’s new tractors with radar and safety assistance technology, prompting management to explore alternative video telematics.
“Others may provide short-term correction through buzzers and bells,” said Jim Brady, Lytx vice president. “Our proven driver safety programme, unparalleled MV+AI technology and in-cab alerts far outperform others and help ensure our clients achieve lasting safety improvements, especially when complemented by coaching.”
Lytx technology is validated and backed by a large and fast-growing driving database and is deployed in hundreds of thousands of vehicles, capturing more than 100,000 risky events each day that train and ultimately improve its algorithms. All these data add up to a system that is able to deliver greater than 95% accuracy across 60 behaviours. In 2019, 25% of Lytx business came from fleets switching from another video telematics provider.
“Most of our competitors tout their use of AI and machine vision, but once the veil is pulled back, fleets are finding these other providers are unable to deliver on their lofty promises,” said Dave Riordan, executive vice president at Lytx. “Fleets that switch to Lytx continue to tell us about the advanced technology they hear about from our competitor’s during the selling process, but then aren’t actually available to deliver to clients. Lytx’s service and technology are fleet-ready, proven and backed by more than 20 years of industry-leading experience. We ensure the information we deliver to our clients is not only ultra-precise, but meaningful and actionable. That’s the Lytx difference.”
Lytx offers continual recording, with up to 100 hours of video that fleets can view and download online in a couple of minutes to address claims quickly against drivers. Fleet managers and coaches are able to access these features through their cloud-based Lytx account.
“Lytx’s system paints a very clear picture of what is occurring within our fleet,” McAdams said. “Its technology has brought to light risky behaviour that we hadn’t been able to see before. We experienced first-hand in the trial what Lytx brings to the table. Lytx brought to light more following distance issues than we were previously seeing.”
Lytx provides video telematics, analytics, safety and productivity products for commercial, public sector and field services fleets. Its customisable services and programmes span driver safety, risk detection, fleet tracking, compliance and fuel management. The technology protects and connects thousands of fleets and more than 1.3 million drivers worldwide.