Bosch & AWS to build global logistics platform

  • April 18, 2022
  • William Payne

Bosch and Amazon Web Services are collaborating to develop a service platform for logistics fleets that bundles mobility, software and cloud. The first digital schedules on the new joint platform will be available by the end of 2022 in Europe, India and the United states.

The aim of the two companies is to develop a global platform that provides unified, single source for all logistics and transportation requirements. The intention is to develop a complete ecosystem and software environment for both carriers and forwarders. To this end, Bosch and AWS are collaborating, with Bosch responsible for the development and operation of the logistics platform, the heart of which is a marketplace for digital services, and AWS contributing its cloud offerings and expertise.

The platform will aim to allow a smooth interaction of different services and data. According to Bosch, without their own resource- and cost-intensive IT projects, transport and logistics companies will be able to use the possibilities of digitisation to a much greater extent. The marketplace will also open to all providers of digital logistics services.

A first version of the logistics platform is to be shown at the Hanover Fair. Market launch is planned for late 2022 in Europe, India and the USA.

“The transport and logistics industry is the backbone of the global economy. In the coming years, it will have to shoulder an ever-increasing transport volume of goods and goods and at the same time reduce its carbon footprint. With more digitisation, we want to help the logistics industry together with AWS and herald the future of the industry,” said Sandeep Nelamangala, Executive Director, Bosch Limited, and Executive Sponsor of the logistics platform business at Bosch. “The development of hyper-connected transport functions is one of the most complex technical challenges of our time. That’s why we’re partnering with a market pioneer like Bosch to solve these unique challenges,” said Kathrin Renz, vice president of business development and industries at AWS. “The digital marketplace will enable logistics customers to quickly transform their business into a fully digital end-to-end value chain. Customers will benefit from the tools, frameworks and modules we offer for digitisation and, moreover, improve the sustainability of their transport processes.”

With its logistics platform, Bosch aims to provide a solution to many of the challenges in the transport and logistics industry with a complete ecosystem and software environment in which carriers and forwarders can individually compile, book and execute the services they need from different providers. The platform will allow for easy integration of applications available on the market today such as in the area of transport management systems. Joint use of data available from fleet management via the telematics systems in trucks will make linking and interaction of different services from different areas possible.