Bolt AI for complex freight matching

  • April 9, 2024
  • William Payne

Ohio-based Bolt Express has developed AI to streamline freight matching via API, EDI or XML with high-volume shipping accounts. For ad-hoc customer shippers, the new system uses AI to simplify shipment set-up to read and process new requests submitted via email, phone, or text. The system is designed to handle the most challenging and urgent shipping problems instantly.

The system includes a freight optimizer component, which automatically matches new shipment requests with the right-sized vehicle. Bolt ensures a timely response to all new shipment requests while maximizing efficiency and controlling costs for its customers.

“We understand the challenges our customers face and the important role we play in helping them maintain a supply chain schedule. They choose Bolt when they are trying to recover from an unexpected delay or have freight that is simply too important to risk failure. Our ongoing commitment to leveraging technology ensures that we always deliver on our promise of an overwhelmingly positive customer experience. Our technology streamlines and accelerates the process, producing a transportation solution for our customers’ TIME CRITICAL shipping needs,” said Chuck King, Bolt Express COO.

The focus for Bolt’s technology team in 2024 is on enhancing the mobile app experience for their customers and drivers.