Webdyn WM-Bus gateway collects data from smart meters

  • March 2, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

French engineering firm Webdyn is launching a gateway based on Wireless M-Bus technology to collect data autonomously from smart meters and sensors.

The WM-Bus point-to-point radio protocol using 868MHz is traditionally used in smart metering and smart buildings, particularly for its relatively moderate consumption.

Wireless M-Bus is a standard protocol and ensures compatibility between manufacturers. The protocol is based on a private, non-operated network. To operate, a WM-Bus network requires hubs or gateways that allow connection between all the sensors and a remote information system.

In free field, the distances that can be potentially covered between a sensor and the hub are of the order of a kilometre.

Webdyn has extended its range by offering a data concentrator that collects data from WM-Bus meters or sensors, the WebdynEasy WM-Bus 868MHz. This is designed for wireless networks using WM-Bus radio technology. Its main function is the standalone collection of data from meters or WM-Bus sensors.

The gateway retrieves all the data collected at a single point so it can be sent to the chosen information system.

This technology is energy efficient; the hub battery service life can exceed ten years. Webdyn has also developed the WebdynEasy application free to download from the PlayStore. Bluetooth LE functionality eases configuration and installation.

Once installed, the product is autonomous in energy and the deployment can start automatically or using a magnet.

Depending on the configuration, the hub uses regular listening windows to record the frames emitted by the meters and sensors. The hub regularly uploads data files to the FTP server using a mobile phone or LTE-M network.

With this product, Webdyn confirms its strategy to offer a complete range of data loggers covering all smart grid, smart metering, smart building and smart city markets.

For more than 20 years, Webdyn has designed and industrialised hardware and software for M2M communications in energy, environment, smart grid and transport markets. It supplies multi-protocol concentrators covering all applications of teleservice and monitoring. The firm has spreads its expertise to RF endpoints and PLC-G3 gateways. The company is present in several European countries and has an office in India.