Vodafone to Deliver “Tele-Reading” Service to Help 3 Mn Spanish Smart Meter Users

This month, the fourth largest Spanish water company, Aqualia, has agreed to a 10-year contract with Vodafone to provide “tele-reading” services to smart meter users. Over the next five years, Vodafone is expected to deliver more than 1 million smart meters and serve more than 3 million users over the ten-year period.

Kicking off the agreement is a necessary pilot study in Vigo, Spain that will help fine-tune the tele-reading services and help demonstrate the benefits of Vodafone’s smart metering solutions. The NB-IoT solution looks at water consumption within homes and businesses, as well as public entities.

This partnership falls in alignment with the Spanish government’s endeavor, the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation Initiative. This initiative is meant to help with conservation efforts, improve efficiencies, and strengthen Spain’s urban water cycle. Additionally, this move is also expected to boost the economy and generate more than 3,000 jobs over the next ten years.

According to Daniel Brallat, director of IoT for Vodafone Spain, “The control and proper management of water in Spain is a constant and vital challenge of importance today. With this contract, we put our cutting-edge technology at the service of Aqualia to actively contribute to the better conservation of natural resources and more efficient water management.”

Smart metering is critical within the utilities sectors, and our most precious resource—water, is often poorly managed, rather than wasted. With intelligent metering systems and platforms, resource providers like Aqualia can boost visibility of what’s happening with the water system and then take action. With Vodafone’s help, Acqualia and its customers are well on their way to a more sustainable, drinkable future.