Vodafone helps Kahramaa roll out smart meters

  • December 1, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Vodafone is helping Qatar General Electricity & Water (Kahramaa) digitalise Qatar’s utilities industry, with smart meters powered by the IoT rolled out nationwide.

The agreement will see 600,000 smart meters located in homes and companies across the country equipped with Vodafone IoT SIMs that remotely transmit real-time metering data to Kahramaa’s systems. At the heart of the bespoke service is the Vodafone managed IoT connectivity platform, a secure self-service platform that simplifies IoT management, giving Kahramaa full visibility and control of its IoT-connected smart meters.

The first immediate benefit of smart metering will be the elimination of manual readings by technicians. By automating the process, residential and business users are provided with more timely electricity and water consumption readings and bills. Kahramaa can also remotely connect or disconnect services in response to an incident or an account activation or deactivation request from a customer.

A smart meter gives people a better understanding of their usage patterns, and this can help them make changes to reduce their energy usage, contributing to more prudent and responsible consumer behaviour. For Kahramaa, the data collected from the smart meters should drive operational efficiencies, enhance the customer experience, help in overall network planning and infrastructure, and help meet the corporation’s environmental and sustainability targets.

The agreement was signed by Kahramaa’s president Essa Bin Hilal Al-Kuwari and Vodafone Qatar’s CEO Sheikh Hamad bin Abdulla Al-Thani, at Kahramaa’s headquarters.

“Digital transformation is a key focus area of Kahramaa’s long-term strategy, with our e-services already recognised as among the best in the region,” said Al-Kuwari. “The implementation of an advanced metering infrastructure in the country is a major milestone in Kahramaa’s efforts to introduce the latest smart services in alignment with the Qatar National Vision 2030. We are delighted to have Vodafone Qatar as our strategic partner providing IoT connectivity and expert knowledge to deliver the requirements for smart metering which will benefit the entire population.”

Vodafone Qatar was the first in the country to launch a global M2M platform that enables a wider adoption of IoT. Since the launch, a host of Vodafone IoT services are benefitting entities in Qatar in various applications and use-cases.

“We are pleased to be Kahramaa’s digital partner of choice in one of the most important utilities projects in the country that further strengthens this sector,” said Al-Thani. “IoT is at the core of digital transformation and is key to improving business performance, with organisations increasingly turning to IoT to help them grow stronger. Vodafone Qatar is committed to helping every industry in the private and public sector reap the benefits of IoT using our leading IoT capabilities combined with our robust nationwide network infrastructure.”

Kahramaa is the only owner and operator of electricity and water transmission and distribution grids in Qatar. It was established in 2000 to regulate and secure electricity and water for all subscribers. The utility undertakes the purchase, distribution and sale of electricity and water, and the preparation, elaboration and conclusion of agreements for the purchase of electricity and water from independent producers and the provision of technical and institutional support for the establishment of power and water desalination plants.

Further, it constructs and operates electricity and water transmission and distribution grids in Qatar, prepares plans and programmes for developing electricity and water transmission and distribution grids, sets rules for the electrical wiring and water supply pipe works for various buildings and facilities, and provides services and consultation in the fields of its activities.