Ukraine ready to roll out own smart gas meters

  • February 27, 2023
  • Steve Rogerson

Ukraine’s Regional Gas Company (RGC) has certified smart natural gas meters developed by its own R&D department.

The production and installation for gas consumers will begin this year.

The meters combine a membrane meter and a built-in smart module with a modem; the device will automatically transmit gas consumption data to the gas distribution company.

“Now, many people have left their homes and cannot access metering devices,” said Yaroslav Khavrel, head of RGC’s R&D department. “Because of this, they have difficulties with calculations. Smart meters will eliminate these problems. Besides, it’s convenient, even when you haven’t gone anywhere – you don’t have to worry about giving readings at the beginning of each month.”

The membrane meter is based on components of the Italian brand Mesura. A smart module with a modem was designed by the RGC specialists.

Production of smart meters will begin in the second quarter of this year at the facilities of RGC Metering, the Ukrainian metrological centre. The first bunch of 16,000 meters will be manufactured this year.

“New meters will be installed as part of the investment programme of gas distribution companies and planned for commercial sale,” said Khavrel. “New installations are usually by developers. Within the framework of the investment programme, we will replace old metering devices that have not passed the calibration with new meters free of charge.”

In Ukraine, more than ten million gas meters have been installed for households. Only a few tens of thousands of them have smart systems. Other consumers have to transmit the meter readings monthly.

After launching the mass production of smart meters, conventional meters will be replaced with smart ones if Ukraine’s National Energy & Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) provides the relevant funds in the investment programmes that the commission approves for distribution system operators (DSOs).