Tantalus helps Crow Wing offer EV charging options

  • November 2, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Minnesota utility Crow Wing Power is using smart grid technology from North Carolina-based Tantalus to offer a choice of two electric vehicle (EV) charging options.

The cooperative electric utility, based in Brainerd, Minnesota, replaced its aging meter network with a Tantalus TUNet smart grid platform for advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and load management applications, paving the way to offer customers their choice of EV charging programme.

Implementing TUNet AMI, Tantalus load management system and load champ, Crow Wing Power offers a time-of-use rate and an off-peak rate that automatically shifts charging to overnight. This lets Crow Wing Power manage load more effectively across its distribution system and gives members the ability to choose the option that works for their household.

After one year, the participation is roughly 50/50 between the two rate programmes, both of which offer a rebate to help defray the cost of equipment installation and work with all types of EVs and level-two chargers.

“We worked to offer EV programme options for our members to meet their needs while ensuring the cooperative managed new EV load growing within our distribution system,” said Jeff Wohlert, Crow Wing Power’s member services manager. “Our partnership with Tantalus and adoption of its load management is allowing us to drive greater engagement with our current EV-driving customer base and prepare for a future where more and more electric vehicles can be incorporated into our grid.”

In working closely with Crow Wing Power, Tantalus expanded its load management to target larger residential load profiles exceeding 30A, such as electric heating systems, electric water heating and EV charging stations. By providing enhanced load control capabilities across an AMI network, the utility can incorporate specific load management programmes and verify results by accessing more granular data.

“Providing visibility into what is unfolding along with command and control of devices located behind the meter enables utilities to proactively manage their distribution grids while also improving customer and member satisfaction,” said Peter Londa, Tantalus CEO. “Working alongside the team at Crow Wing Power to make every kilowatt and every corresponding kilobyte of data count is empowering the cooperative to support its members’ successful migration to EVs without compromising resiliency. By going beyond AMI and leveraging enhanced load management capabilities, Crow Wing Power is transforming into a utility of the future.”

Tantalus is a smart grid technology company that transforms aging one-way grids into future-proofed, multi-directional grids that improve the efficiency, reliability and sustainability of public power and electric cooperative utilities and the communities they serve. Tantalus products are purpose-built to allow utilities to restore power quickly after major disruptions, adapt to rapidly shifting consumer expectations, innovate for distributed energy resources, and evolve grid infrastructure at their own pace without needless cost or complexity.