Swedish utility awards Itron smart meter contract

  • March 10, 2020
  • imc

Borås Elnät, an electricity provider in the city of Borås in Västra Götaland County, Sweden, is deploying an IoT network and replacing the utility’s existing meters with 46,000 smart electric meters from US firm Itron.
The deployment will equip the utility to meet new regulatory demands that will take effect in Sweden in 2025.
With Itron’s offering, which will include project management and implementation, Borås Elnät will enhance visibility into the operation of its electricity distribution network with access to near real-time information on energy use and grid operations, which will enable its customers to use energy more efficiently.
“We are committed to providing a stable, well-functioning electricity and communications network for our customers,” said Richard Bern, CEO of Borås Elnät. “We selected Itron for this contract because its solution will be the most beneficial to Borås Elnät according to our tender evaluation criteria, which included quality, price and advanced value-added functions.”
With the ability to detect unusual grid conditions quickly, the utility will also be equipped to monitor faults and outages proactively and send alarms to alert customers and utility crews.
This will also enable Borås Elnät to lay the foundation for future smart city and energy efficiency initiatives to meet the utility’s evolving needs. With Itron’s interoperable IoT network, the utility will be equipped to manage smart city applications such as smart streetlights, smart parking and traffic management, while also integrating distributed energy resources.
“Our proven solution will equip Borås Elnät to meet new regulatory demands and modernise its electric infrastructure,” said Sharelynn Moore, senior vice president at Itron. “With Itron’s multi-application network and smart devices, Borås Elnät will be able to realise its energy efficiency and customer service goals today while preparing for the future.”
The first meters will be installed in August 2020. The entire project is planned to be completed by autumn 2021.
“The whole process has shown that Itron is responsive and quick to respond with clear messages, and prepared to discuss things,” said Bern. “That’s why we feel strong confidence in Itron as a partner.”
The system opens up many possibilities in the analysis of the electricity grid, opportunities to improve preventive maintenance and to work with scenarios for the future.
“What if we get full of electric cars on this street or lots of solar cells here?” said Bern. “What if this industry controls and wants even more effect, how does it affect the rest of the network? Power and capacity will become increasingly important in the future and the ability to integrate renewable energy. Itron’s system is an important part of getting the information in and in the long term being able to handle the future challenges for the electricity grid.”