SolarEdge controls heavy residential loads

  • October 4, 2022
  • William Payne

Smart energy developer SolarEdge Technologies has launched a home load controller, a wireless device to optimise residential energy consumption by controlling heavy load home appliances.

The SolarEdge Home Load Controller is designed to provide local, remote and automatic control of heavy use home appliances such as heat pumps, EV chargers, pool and well pumps, and HVAC. It is compact, being the size of a card deck.. Through the controller, home users can increase their solar self-consumption by using excess energy that would otherwise be lost, and extend their battery back-up time during grid outages.

The load controller integrates with the mySolarEdge App, which allows homeowners to control loads directly from their smartphone. Through the app, home users can schedule and track their solar energy production, battery storage, grid services (if connected), and solar self-consumption. The SolarEdge Home operating system calculates energy usage and savings, according to personal preference while considering external factors such as weather events and utility rates.

Peter Mathews, North America General Manager of SolarEdge, said: “Smart energy management is becoming crucial as electricity costs continue to escalate and grid outages become more prevalent. There is a growing need for tools and technology that manage solar energy consumption in a smarter and coordinated way. We believe that this will pave the way for energy independence and sustainable living.”