Schneider launches Matter Home Energy products

  • November 16, 2022
  • William Payne

Schneider Electric has achieved Matter certification for its Wiser Gateway and Wiser Smart Plug. The two products are among the first in the world to achieve such certification.

The Wiser Gateway, a central communication interface for the Wiser ecosystem, and Wiser Smart Plug, a transmitter for the Home Energy Management system (HEMS) network, are the first two products from Schneider Electric’s HEMS solution to integrate the Matter Standard.

Certification enhances the company’s credentials in developing home energy management systems to optimise energy usage and help to reduce costs and residential carbon dioxide emissions.

Schneider Electric is a board member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) and one of the founders of the Matter standard. By integrating Matter-compliant products with home energy management solutions such as renewable energy generation and storage, EV charging, and major home energy loads, the company is expanding its HEMS ecosystem to provide more efficient and sustainable homes of the future.

By connecting more devices, homeowners have a greater understanding of how much energy they consume and therefore have more control over how and when they use it — a capability that has become essential in the current energy crisis. According to a recent global study by Schneider Electric, 54% of consumers believe using smart technology to manage their home energy can help to reduce energy bills.

The Schneider Electric Matter implementation roadmap will occur in several phases:

The latest generation of Wiser Gateways ensures Matter compliance whilst retaining their current native Zigbee connectivity standard. Existing and new Wiser devices based on Zigbee will be able to operate within the Matter ecosystem via the Wiser Gateway following a software update, ensuring a sustainable approach where the installed base of devices do not become obsolete with the arrival of the new standard. The wider range of Home Energy Management products, including smart plugs, switches, and sockets will be added to the list of Matter-certified products. The Wiser App will become Matter-certified, enabling the integration of other compatible products into the Wiser system.

YiFu Qi, Executive Vice President, Home & Distribution Division, Schneider Electric, said, “As a global specialist in energy management and automation, our purpose is to empower everyone to make the most of our energy and resources, bridging progress and sustainability. Facing global threat of climate change, we aspire to make our homes more sustainable and energy efficient. To do so, we believe open standards, technology and interoperability of connected products are essential. We are honoured and proud to partner with local and global companies to rethink the future of connectivity and interoperability.”