New SAJ Smart Home Energy solutions

  • April 12, 2023
  • William Payne

Energy storage company SAJ has launched the latest version of its smart home energy management system, and a new energy storage system designed to provide efficient energy conversion and with three phase electricity environments.

eSAJ is a smart home energy management system designed to give users complete control over their energy consumption. The app is available in 10 languages, and users can customise their preferences to suit their individual needs. Through its Personal Energy Guardian feature, eSAJ offers various modes, including intelligent working, self-use, backup power, and time-of-use, all of which can maximise energy efficiency and save money on bills.

The company offers a built-in “One-click repair” service and live weather updates, so users can stay informed and plan for their energy usage. The app also features a user-friendly interface that allows users to monitor their power data monthly, quarterly, and annually.

Along with eSAJ, SAJ introduced CH2, the latest update to their C&I energy storage product line. The CH2 offers efficient energy conversion with a maximum 22.5A input current to better match high-power panels. It is configured with three-phase imbalance output, making it particularly useful in households and commercial settings where three-phase electricity is used. The solar energy storage systems with this feature enable the supply of different amounts of energy to each phase, ensuring smarter and more effective power supply to single-phase loads in the system. Additionally, the CH2 can be retrofitted to existing solar systems so they can begin storing energy.