Leviton unifies smart home energy management

  • September 18, 2023
  • William Payne

Leviton has launched a Whole Home Energy Monitor and 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers with Remote Control. Combined with Leviton’s existing product line-up, the company unifies smart home and energy management, with control, scheduling and personalisation across energy, lighting and EV charging through a single interface. The integration is designed to allow homeowners to view energy use trends and coordinate activity to conserve energy.

Leviton’s Whole Home Energy Monitor enables features such as turning 2nd Gen Smart Circuit Breakers on/off from anywhere, scheduling breaker activity to benefit from reduced energy rate periods, and automating the shedding of non-essential loads. All these activities can be accessed from the company’s My Leviton app.

The app provides alerts and notifications for unusual electrical activity, including when and why a circuit trips, high or low voltage events, if the breaker fails a self-test, or if communication is lost. Users can also select Smart Anomaly Detection to receive alerts if unusual activity is identified, such as a freezer not running, or an HVAC system running for too long.

An updated My Leviton dashboard provides a view of Leviton smart lighting devices and car chargers, plus a summary of real-time total energy usage including a breakdown of what sources are currently powering the residence and top consuming circuits by kWh. Consumption data can be viewed by day, week, billing period, and year-over-year with charts to identify trends in historical energy usage and opportunities to adjust behaviours and save money.

“Leviton continues to equip homeowners with the necessary insights to control their expenses and environmental impact, focused on meeting tomorrow’s electrical needs via a single app for lighting, load control, and EV charging,” said Justin Berghoff, senior director, business development & product management for Leviton. “As a natural progression of Leviton’s expertise, we’re excited to give homeowners more power to manage their energy usage and an improved breakdown of total production/consumption via the My Leviton app.”