Itron provides AMI for Bangladesh smart meter rollout

  • April 22, 2024
  • Steve Rogerson

The Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) has selected Itron to provide its advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) as the foundation to build a more resilient grid.

BREB is a government organisation and the largest power distributor in Bangladesh. This project supports a sustainable future in Bangladesh by helping modernise BREB’s distribution system. And BREB will be able to empower its customers through more visibility and control over their energy usage.

Working with Itron channel partner SQ Wire & Cable, BREB will install 500,000 smart pre-payment metering devices with Itron network interface cards, enabling automated meter reading, improved billing accuracy and reduced system losses. Additionally, its customers will benefit from time-of-use tariffs and detailed energy usage information accessed through a web portal, promoting smarter energy consumption, sustainability and cost savings.

This project lays the groundwork for a more robust and resilient grid, allowing BREB to connect its customers’ smart home devices with Itron’s AMI. Data analytics and distribution network visibility will empower BREB ( to optimise infrastructure investments, improve outage management and seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources. Capabilities enabled through the deployment of Itron’s technology should result in enhanced customer service through more timely issue resolution, improved communication and greater transparency.

The AMI to be deployed includes Itron’s UtilityIQ ( headend software suite for data management and analysis. Additionally, dedicated services such as network design and deployment support ensure seamless implementation and ongoing project support.

“The implementation of AMI is a significant milestone for BREB as they are harnessing technology to transform and become a smart utility,” said Nafiza Islam, deputy managing director at SQ Group ( “The country is facing daily electricity shortage, driven by rapid economic growth, that leads to load shedding several times a day. Itron’s proven expertise in AMI, combined with its commitment to innovation, positions them as the ideal partner for BREB’s ambitious vision of creating a more sustainable future in Bangladesh.”

John Marcolini, senior vice president at Itron, added: “Access to energy and energy security are global challenges and we are thrilled to join forces with BREB on this transformative project. By implementing our advanced metering, BREB will be able to gain greater visibility and control over its electric grid, improve operational efficiency and better serve and engage its customers.”

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