Honeywell meter optimises energy use

  • March 16, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

The E-Mon Class 6000 series multi-protocol-capable energy meters from Honeywell can provide fast, accurate tenant billing or optimise a building’s energy use.

The initial offering, the E-Mon Class 6200 pulse meter, is a compact submeter that is field configurable and reliable with revenue-grade accuracy for better cost distribution.

The 6200 energy meters are easy to use, with an app-guided installation process, commissioning and troubleshooting, as well as built-in cyber security to protect against attacks. The submeters help protect data integrity, both on-site and online, with a lockable enclosure and encrypted communications to exchange data securely between the devices and app functions.

Installers and planners benefit from straightforward, quick commissioning and troubleshooting via the E-Mon app. The app allows installers and planners to:

  • Configure all meter settings;
  • Monitor meters via Bluetooth;
  • Use available templates to improve multi-meter commission timing;
  • Plan for entire projects using provided BIM and CAD data for the E-Monrange; and
  • Recognise errors automatically and receive easy-to-follow suggestions as to how to fix them.

The app also allows facility managers and building owners to take readings automatically. The Class 6000 meters can be integrated into Honeywell applications quickly and seamlessly, using interval data recorders, IO modules or direct controllers.

“The Honeywell E-Mon Class 6000 meters can help building owners better monitor, measure and manage energy use throughout a building in an easy-to-install and operate form,” said Mike Garceau, general manager of building management systems for Honeywell in North America. “With the intuitive E-Mon app, users can quickly commission the meters and feel confident in its reliable daily operation.”

The E-Mon app is available for Android only. Future versions within the E-Mon 6000 series will include additional communication options, such as Bacnet or Modbus.