EV Charging Networks Across the Atlantic

  • April 11, 2024
  • Joyce Deuley

Despite supply chain issues and keeping up with demand, electric vehicle (EV) adoption is continuing to rise throughout the world. Many countries have doubled down on decarbonization and electrification efforts and are making strides to establish necessary infrastructure to sustain EVs. 

In a story by CSP Daily News, In 2023, bp acquired Travel Centers of America, and in Europe, it launched bp pulse, its EV charging business in 2021. This month, BP America shared its goals for becoming an integrated energy company with a focus on alternative fuels, helping to establish a fast-charging network in the U.S., EV charging stations for larger vehicles, and enhanced customer service. 

But bp isn’t the only company making strides on both sides of the Atlantic. Last month, Endesa signed an agreement with the city of Seville, Spain to launch one of the largest public charging hubs in Andalusia.

According to a press release from Endesa, this deal was a joint effort between TORRE SEVILLA, CaixaBank, the city of Seville, and Endesa. As a result, the city will gain 20 new charging stations that are publicly available 24/7 with room for larger vehicles and space for individuals with mobility issues. Additionally, TORRE SEVILLA will provide an additional 10 chargers for subscribers in partnership with Endesa. 

Collective will and accessibility will help drive EV adoption over the next decade as providers hope to establish meaningful footprints in EV charging infrastructure across the world. It will be interesting to see which models will win out; hybrid ones with both electric or alternative fuel options or if strict EV charging is the way to go.