Ericsson helps Teracom offer IoT for electric utilities

  • March 24, 2020
  • imc

Swedish operator Teracom will be able to offer secure and reliable mobile connections, including IoT, for critical infrastructure such as electric and water utilities following a deal with Ericsson.
Ericsson Radio System products, deployed on the 450MHz band, can provide nationwide 4G coverage, with the rollout starting in the second quarter of this year. The network will be powered by Ericsson Cloud Core products for 4G and a smooth evolution to 5G.
Teracom selected Ericsson to be the strategic partner of its nationwide 4G network. Ericsson will provide radio access network (RAN) and Ericsson Cloud Core products for 4G as well as core transport technology and security gateways.
Teracom is a state-owned service provider in Sweden delivering nationwide communications services to public and private national critical infrastructure enterprises.
“Robust and secure communications are an essential component of a digital society,” said Åsa Sundberg, CEO of Teracom. “Ericsson’s technology gives us the possibility to offer our customers reliable connections, as well as securing a potential path towards 5G.”
With 5G-ready products, the network will have a nationwide 4G coverage, while also getting key equipment in place to upgrade to 5G. Teracom is using the low 450MHz band, which enables wider reach and propagation and is well suited for coverage that benefits remote location sites and utilities such as electric and water.
“With a modernised 4G network, Teracom will be able to grow and support an increasingly digitalised society in Sweden and provide their clients with the security and reliable uptime they demand,” said Jenny Lindqvist, vice president at Ericsson. “This new network will be the backbone for many vital services across the country.”
The agreement also includes products from Ericsson partner Juniper Networks.
Teracom broadcasts radio and television, and offers robust and secure communications to authorities, companies and organisations.
The picture shows Roland Svensson, CTO of Teracom, Åsa Sundberg, Jenny Lindqvist, and Fredrik Jejdling, head of business area networks at Ericsson.