Energinet picks Hitachi in move to greener grid

  • September 6, 2022
  • William Payne

Denmark’s national energy infrastructure operator Energinet has picked Hitachi Energy to provide electricity and gas grid asset analytics as part of its move to a greener national energy grid. Hitachi’s Lumada Asset Performance Management (APM) solution will help Energinet identify grid reinvestments needed to achieve its 2030 carbon neutrality goals.

A large portion of Energinet’s current infrastructure is nearing 50 years of age and is in need of upgrade. To improve its electrical grid management, Energinet launched MIMER, a widespread digitalisation project focused on upgrading its assets. The project includes the installation of sensors on transformers, circuit breakers and disconnectors, as well as the deployment of Lumada APM. The solution features visualisation and analytics tools that will equip Energinet’s operators with data-driven insights to help them identify risks, prioritise asset maintenance and make timely decisions on the critical equipment that supports their grid.

Through analytics and simulations, Lumada will allow Energinet to take a data driven approach to asset risk management. Lumada APM helps avoid critical asset failures by addressing the right asset needs at the right time. It also allows utilities to reduce their carbon footprint through reducing frequency of in-person maintenance and truck rolls across the service territory.

Hitachi Energy and Energinet have been partnering since 2013, with the successful installation of 420-kilovolt (kV) compact gas-insulated switchgear (GIS) for Revsing substation. Earlier this year, Energinet decided to extend its Revsing substation with Hitachi Energy’s EconiQ gas-insulated lines which will avoid adding over 2,000 kilograms of sulphur hexafluoride into the Danish transmission network while increasing renewables integration.

“The MIMER project, including the deployment of Lumada APM, supports our vision of ‘green energy for a better world,’” said Lars Wedege, Director, Asset Optimisation, Energinet. “As we drive toward a carbon-neutral future characterised by increased renewables and an increase in electrification, the ability to collect and analyse data, then act upon the knowledge gained in order to run a more efficient business, is critical. This solution is an important part of how we achieve our predictive maintenance goals, asset investment planning and ultimately, how we secure a green grid.”

“Maintaining productivity in the face of a more decentralised and distributed energy landscape is no easy task,” said Massimo Danieli, Managing Director, Grid Automation Business Unit, Hitachi Energy. Massimo said, “We are honoured that world-leading TSO Energinet has chosen our Lumada APM solution to help them make more holistic decisions and drive more effective execution as they continue to lead the way toward a more sustainable future.”