Ellevio starts large-scale smart meter rollout

  • September 30, 2020
  • Steve Rogerson

Swedish electricity distributor Ellevio has started the large-scale rollout of its second-generation smart meters with help from French company Sagemcom and its local partner One Nordic.

Since the contract award in March 2019, Sagemcom has developed and delivered S211 single-phase meters and T211 polyphase meters for Ellevio. Deep indoor dual cellular technologies LTE NB-IoT and LTE Cat-M are used to secure reliability.

In fewer than eight months, Sagemcom has developed and certified the smart meters, which have been installed in the field by One Nordic since June 2020 in the Stockholm area. The key features have already been deployed offering a combination of end-user experience through a customer local interface (P1 Port) and low-voltage network management, with alarms delivery including last-gasp messages sent in case of power outage, neutral fault detection, harmonic distortion and remote on-demand operations.

Such metering capabilities represent the drivers of future grid monitoring to improve end-user service. The first return of experience has shown a connectivity service level above 99%, which triggered the start of the large-scale roll out starting this month in all the regions where Ellevio operates as network owner.

A field proven mass firmware update campaign should ensure it complies with future requirements.

“The strong and transparent partnership between Ellevio, Sagemcom and One Nordic has resulted in the completion of a very successful full scale pilot, deploying the metering equipment for our customers in the field, hence Ellevio’s programme for the next generation of smart metering now proceeds with the mass rollout of this new technology,” said Johan Löwemo, head of the programme at Ellevio. “We are simultaneously taking very important steps towards the much needed energy transition. The introduction of smart metering is a fundamental component in the smart grid, which is necessary to increase and enable the electrification of our societies and to provide enhanced energy insight to our customers.”

Ellevio is one of the largest distribution network operators in Sweden. It invests in, develops and maintains the company’s power grids to ensure a reliable electricity supply to more than 960,000 users. It is deploying its second-generation smart meters from now until 2023. The company is headquartered in Stockholm.

One Nordic supplies technical, maintenance and contracting services in Sweden. It helps energy producers, suppliers and users build, maintain, modernise and optimise their facilities. The group of companies has a turnover of SEK2bn and about 1000 employees. The headquarters are in Malmö.