Smart bus stop provides real-time ETAs

  • November 23, 2022
  • Steve Rogerson

Indian technology company SuperUs Systems has developed a smart bus stop to give passengers real-time estimated times of arrival.

The feature promises convenience and ease for passengers by showing accurate information about the bus arrival on the display, in a matter of minutes. This way passengers can calculate accurately the time of reaching the destination and make the entire commute a better experience while reducing the waiting time.

The solar-powered E Ink display uses eco-friendly technology that consumes little power makes the bus stop easier to scale in multiple cities.

SuperUs developed the technology to improve the local infrastructure facility for transportation by adopting a green technology that provides long-term RoI. The home-grown tech OEM is bridging the gap between technology, transport infrastructure and people by creating a complete passenger information ecosystem.

The bus stop has combined the low power consumption feature of E Ink technology and engineered it with real-time ETA to build a transport infrastructure that has the potential to change the future of the bus industry because it is easy to adopt in small and big cities alike.

The bus stop can be connected wirelessly and addresses the problems of the logistics and installation by building the entire technology enabled by wireless connectivity.

Made entirely in India with software and hardware made in-house, the technology is aligning with the Make In India movement.

SuperUs is an Indian tech OEM building connected information systems with technology and smart devices. Its intelligent software ecosystem unifies communications through commercial-grade devices and SaaS. The firm’s aim is to design a seamless experience from start to finish using customised devices, with a view to simplifying communications. The portfolio includes EPD-based devices, digital signages, FI and UHF terminals. It is building self-sustainable devices capable of providing ease, agility and performance to empower businesses.