Siemens lays framework for Las Vegas smart city

  • February 22, 2021
  • Steve Rogerson

Siemens Advanta is helping Bleutech Park in Las Vegas lay the framework for its smart city vision in the $7.5bn futuristic mixed-use development.

Siemens Advanta and Bleutech Park have announced a partnership to co-create the futuristic smart city vision, bringing the Las Vegas mixed-use development one step closer to fruition. Siemens Advanta, the German company’s IoT consultancy arm, will work with Bleutech Park Properties and its partners to create the master plan of the campus’ interconnected infrastructure through a multi-phased approach.

Siemens Advanta is one of the strategic technology partners helping realise the $7.5bn, six-year project that has set out to transform the Vegas skyline. The consulting team has kicked off the first phase of the project by identifying the north star that underscores the opportunities for Bleutech Park from a business, technical and operational planning perspective.

“We’re honoured and excited to be involved in this monumental project from its inception as the sole OT and IT consultancy and delivery partner,” said Peter Torrellas, vice president at Siemens Advanta. “Concepting from this early stage will allow Bleutech Park Las Vegas to be a true digital revolution, building the future of smart and connected infrastructure from the ground up.”

This initial phase ensures that the new community delivers value for Bleutech Park, its residents, businesses and their customers. Elevating the interconnected world via technology, the city aims to be a desirable place to live, learn and play while also forming the workforce of the future via its manufacturing and innovation hub.

Slated to break ground in the Las Vegas Valley this year, the one-of-a-kind development will be constructed of net-zero carbon footprint buildings within its own insular mini-city, featuring automated multi-functional designs, renewable energy sources, photovoltaic super trees, and various other interconnected innovations. The smart city development will encompass luxury residential towers, futuristic hotels, technologically advanced office spaces, and a full entertainment tower with a casino.

“We have enlisted Siemens Advanta’s expertise due to their deep domain knowledge and track record of successful smart building and operational technology projects,” said Janet Garcia, CEO of Bleutech Park. “We will look to them to guide our journey from ideation, to master planning, all the way through execution as we weave innovative and cutting-edge technology through every touchpoint of our smart infrastructure of the future.”

Siemens founded the Advanta business unit in April 2019 with its headquarters in Munich. Advanta is a strategic advisor and a implementation partner in digital transformation and industrial IoT with a global network of more than 8000 employees in 19 countries and 89 offices.

Bleutech Park Las Vegas bills itself as the world’s first entirely sustainable, self-contained ecosystem. Slated to break ground in the Las Vegas Valley in 2021, the $7.5bn project will incorporate digital infrastructure, enabling it to harness the power of digitisation, system integration, electrification, hydrogen technologies, mobility and 5G. Built on a digital platform, Bleutech Park will feature automated multi-functional designs, renewable energies from solar, wind, water and kinetic, autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, IoT and robotics, powered by 5G.

The project will create more than 25,000 jobs and bring industry diversification to the Las Vegas valley.